Pro audio

The «Pro audio» section contains all the professional audio equipment. This is where you'll find everything you need for your recording studio, your DJ career or your next stage show. On top of this, we offer a constantly growing range of instruments: from ukuleles and trumpets to complete drum sets, you'll find almost everything in our shop. 

9'454 products

RØDE - NT USB (home studio, podcasting)

RØDE - Wireless GO (Videography, Report)

Samson - Meteor Mic (Office, home studio)

Samson - G-Track Pro (Broadcast, home studio)

HyperX - QuadCast Standalone (Broadcast)

RØDE - VideoMic NTG (Videography, Report)

RØDE - Lavalier GO (Interview / Lecture)

Focusrite - Scarlett 2i2 Studio Pack 3rd Gen (USB)

RØDE - NT1 + Ai-1 bundle (USB)

RØDE - RØDELink Filmmaker Kit (Videography)

BOYA - BY-M1 (Interview / Lecture)

Elgato - Wave:3 (Studio, Broadcast, All-round, podcasting)

Trust - GXT 252+ Emita Plus (Office, podcasting)

Samson - Meteor Mic (Office, home studio)

Focusrite - Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen (USB)