Electronics supplies + Casing

Are you looking for the right accessories such as a case with fan, a mounting bracket or a heatsink for your Raspberry Pi? Here you will find all the accessories that will make your developer heart beat faster. We offer accessories for most brands, like Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other boards. Amongst other things, protective case, cables, power tools and small pliers and clamps, also the official Raspberry Pi power supply in white and black, heat sink to cool down the Raspberry Pi. For this purpose we offer SD cards that have pre-installed operating systems loaded, so-called NOOBS (Near out of the box software). For the gamers among us, there are still game controllers and small fans to cool down the Raspberry Pi.

Development boards are small single-board computers, with which you can execute simple but also more complicated programs and instructions. The best known so-called development board is the Raspberry Pi. This can be used for automated processes such as home automation, or as a console such as here: https://www.digitec.ch/de/s1/page/game-boy-marke-eigenbau-quentin-zeigt-dir-wies-geht-2969

Or even as a stand-alone computer. There are of course also less powerful boards like the Arduino. This computer can be used for both simple and complicated codes. These codes (for example C++) can be loaded onto the Arduinos and from there they run in a loop until the device is switched off. Such programs can be, for example, a motion sensor with reaction, or an acoustically controlled circuit.

Here you will find accessories and housings for your electrical engineering projects of all kinds. We offer you products and articles of well-known brands like Adafruit, Arduino, Bare Conductive, Delock, Donau, EP, Hyperion, MakerBeam, MiC, Microchip, NXP, OEM, Play-Zone, Raspberry Pi, Rii, Semtech, SparkFun, ST, Texas Instruments, Tinkerforge, Velleman, Winbond, Yumo and Zippyy and RS-Online.