An airbrush is a versatile tool used in various art, craft, and professional applications to apply a smooth, even coat of paint, ink, or dye. Characterized by its precision and control, it propels a fine mist of paint onto a surface, allowing for detailed artwork, even coverage, and the ability to create gradients and shading that are challenging with traditional brushes. Airbrushes are widely embraced by hobbyists and professionals alike for creating models, customizing vehicles, illustrating, and even applying makeup or temporary tattoos.

The airbrush market offers diverse subtypes to cater to specific needs. Airbrush guns are precision instruments with varieties ranging from single-action, which allows for simple paint flow control, to dual-action models, which offer nuanced control over both airflow and paint volume. Airbrush compressors are crucial for providing a consistent air supply, with options including tankless portable units or larger, tank-equipped compressors for sustained use. Airbrush sets which typically combine an airbrush, compressor, and additional accessories, present a convenient package for beginners or those looking to upgrade their entire setup. Airbrush accessories encompass a wide array of items, such as cleaning kits, holders, and hoses to maintain and enhance the airbrushing experience. Lastly, airbrush paints come in many formulations, including acrylics, enamels, and specialized mediums to suit various projects and surface requirements.

Leading brands in the airbrush industry include Tamiya, known for its high-quality tools and modelling supplies such as the widely used Cutting mat A3. Timbertech offers comprehensive solutions like the acclaimed Set and piston compressor, which is a favorite among many airbrush enthusiasts. Vallejo is recognized for its fine pigments and color range, with the Model Air - Basic colours being a popular choice for modelers looking for high-quality airbrush-ready paints. Harder & Steenbeck's craftsmanship is exemplified in the Infinity CR plus Two in One, a high-end airbrush gun praised for its exceptional performance and versatility. Revell's NEW Basic Set with Compressor is perfect for those starting out, offering a complete setup that provides everything needed to begin airbrushing. Each of these brands contributes to the array of quality airbrush products available for artists, hobbyists, and professionals seeking the right tools for their creative ventures.