Best products in the Electronics supplies + Casing category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Berner Torantriebe BETO BHS140 Midi hand-held transmitter, 868 MHz, 4-channel

Hand-held transmitter - 4 channel Bluefamily fixed code, unidirectional, 868 MHz
Incl. ring eyelet, wall and clip holder Size 40x70x14 mm Not programmed

2. Rackmount.IT RM-PI-T1

With the RM-PI-T1, you can mount your desktop device on a 19-inch rack. The rack is specially tailored to the models listed to ensure a perfect fit. The connections are located at the front for easy access. The power supply is fixed to avoid unwanted power outages. Installation takes about 5 minutes. Simply slide your device into the kit, place the brackets and fix the power supply to the stand. 

3. OEM 140 pcs. Breadboard connection cable with box

Cable set for breadboard connections (wire, no strand)

Ready stripped, in various lengths and colours.

Total 140 Connection cables

4. Helios HELI RR250C centrifugal tube fan 1ph two-stage 230V 50Hz

Helios RR 250 C centrifugal tube fan.

5. Dehn EKS VI 2F KVS KK E+K-Set VI w. Plastic case

Dehn 745903 EKSVI2FKVSKK Earthing-u.

6. MiC 10 pcs. 1N4001 Universal Silicon Diode

10 pcs. 1N4001 diodes

7. Helios HELI ELS-V 60 fan insert with facade V=60cbm/h

Helios ELS-V 60 fan insert w.

8. KS Tools Assortment of springs, 200 pcs.

KS TOOLS Assortment of springs, 200 pcs (970.0010).

9. Adafruit Heat Sink Thermal Tape 3M 8810 80mm x 80mm

Get that heat sink stuck on good and strong with 3M's thermal tape.
Specifically designed for attaching heat sinks to ICs. Works better
and is less messy than thermal
glues or pastes because the thickness
is even across the area. A perfect match for our range of small heat
sinks, either in aluminum or copper.

Comes in a square of 80mm x 80mm (3" square) - but can be cut into
any shape or size.

10. Odroid Power Supply 5V 4A EU for Odroid [XU4/HC1]