• Dark Power Pro 12 (1200W)
  • Dark Power Pro 12 (1200W)
  • Dark Power Pro 12 (1200W)
CHF 356.–
be quiet! Dark Power Pro 12 (1200W)

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User silvioburr

Das Netzteil hat meines Wissens 10 Jahre Garantie, sollte man evtl. noch anpassen.

This question was asked about another variant: Dark Power Pro 12 (1500W)

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User Fabian Müller
Accepted answer

Besten Dank für deine Meldung, die Garantie wurde soeben angepasst.

User ddillier001
User Anonymous
User gschwinds
Accepted answer

as per bequiet.com/admin/ImageServ... should consumpt the PSU at max 9 Amps. With no other devices on the same fuse this should be ok.

Since the power cable can be plugged into the PSU would an adapter the wrong solution. Digitec has to provide you with a correct swiss plug.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Digitec (or any other Swiss dealer) is obliged to deliver electrical devices with a Swiss plug. If the device comes with a foreign plug, a suitable replacement cable should be supplied if the power cable is pluggable or, alternatively, if the power cable is firmly connected, a suitable adapter should be supplied.

If the device comes without a suitable plug, complain to customer service and insist on a cable or adapter, free of charge.

Point 1 -> esti.admin.ch/de/themen/faq...

User SweapTioNxViper
User Tony619
User lackschuh
Accepted answer

Bei mir auch. Gibt aber kostenlos dieses Teil (digitec.ch/de/s1/product/ma...) dazu, nachdem man gemotzt hat ;)