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    Virtual motorsport: a visit to the E-Race Center

    by Simon Balissat

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    The Kingston XS2000 external SSD is fast on paper, but slow in real life

    by Kevin Hofer


The mainboard, often referred to as the motherboard, is the control centre of every computer. Other components, such as the processor (CPU) from well-known manufacturers such as AMD and Intel, are mounted on it on the matching socket. The motherboard contains other interfaces and slots for extensions such as memory/RAM modules, graphics cards, sound cards or SSD/hard disk and drive connections. Motherboards can be differentiated in terms of size (also called form factor) into various categories such as ATX, microATX or Mini-ITX. There are also differences in the area of application.While gaming mainboards offer a lot of space and numerous connections for graphics cards as well as fast LAN or Ethernet connections, business mainboards have various external connection options and sometimes even serial interfaces.

At digitec, you will find a large number of motherboards from well-known manufacturers such as AsRock, ASUS, Biostar, EVGA, Gigabyte, Intel, MSI, NZXT and Supermicro in various form factors and a range of sockets, processor families and chipsets.