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Soundcore Liberty Air 2
Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2

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Ok as a competitor for Airpods

I purchased those one week after buying the Airdots from xiaomi (at 31.-). The soundcore have much more bass, support APTx codecs, and somehow a better fit thanks to the five earbud sizes available.

On the opposite,I mostly
need those for sports and that's where they completely make my training difficult: controls are hard to reach, touch sensors react erratically and I often need to stop running to actually get a simple pause or volume down/up.

Although the Xiaomi Airdots don't have volume control, they have a physical button than allows you to play/pause/skip/assistant when you want to.

I'd recommend these to anyone who never uses them for sports (e.g. at home, office or in public transports), as they have really good sound and the microphone is much better than the Xiaomi's.

Otherwise, I'd keep away from them, as soon as you're moving, touch interfaces should be avoided.


  • Nice, clean design
  • Battery life
  • Sound had some bass
  • 5 earbud sizes included in the box


  • Touch interface, no "real" buttons, terrible for sports
  • Sensors are difficult to reach when in ear
  • Sensors often react erratically (volume vs play vs pause vs Siri/Google)