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  • WH-XB900N (Over-Ear, Nero)
  • WH-XB900N (Over-Ear, Nero)
  • WH-XB900N (Over-Ear, Nero)
CHF 185.–anziché 229.–1
Sony WH-XB900N (Over-Ear, Nero)

Valutazione su Sony WH-XB900N (Over-Ear, Nero).

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WH-XB900N (Over-Ear, Nero)

Practically the best noise cancelling headphone that still allows you to have phone calls at this price range.

While looking for a noise cancelling headset I shortlisted 4 models Bose QCII, WH-1000XM3, WH-H900N h.ear on 2 and this (WH-XB900N)

QCII - noise cancellation was good, but the music sound feels very flat. Also felt the technology on which it runs is bit old for now.

1000XM3 - Awesome noise cancelling. Really would have gone for this, until I realized the phone call quality is a joke on this premium device. Practically it is not very comfortable to remove an over the ear headset like this every time when you get a phone call; especially when travelling with bags.So this also went out of the list.

H900N - noise cancelling was not so good. So did not have to think a lot on this.

XB900N - noise canceling was better than QCII but not as good as XM3. But the phone call quality was good. So I decided to go for this.

After using for 2 weeks; I am quite happy with this selection.In addition to the above points
- Call quality is really good under all situations like indoor, in a train/bus or a noisy public place. People on the other end are able to hear me very well.
- Sony app lets you customize the bass settings etc.
- Ambient sound feature on Sony is really nice. This really feels like virtually removing the headset without actually removing it. Quite useful in public places.

- Automatic switching the ambient sound mode with Sony app. This is a fantastic idea, but looks like Sony is missing on convincing android not to kill the app. Right now this is not reliable. May be in future if it becomes stable when Sony fixes the app, it would be really nice to have this working.

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