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Tension de l'onglet Saker (Motorisé, 120 ", 16:9)
Elite Screens Tension de l'onglet Saker (Motorisé, 120 ", 16:9)

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    Nice screen with reasonable build quality

    I'been using this screen since three weeks now, and very satisfied with it. My previous screen was wavy even when it was new and got worse later. This one is truly flat thanks to the tensioned design. I hope it remains so for a long time. It has multiple mounting options, could be mounted to the wall, or to the ceiling. I went with the latter option. They include everything for wall mounting, even a bubble leveler comes as a part of the package, but for ceiling mount was easy too, I had to buy two dowels and hooks only. As the screen is around 30kg, be sure to buy ones with appropriate weight carrying capacity.
    The installation had only one difficulty, I wanted to set it up so it stops at a certain position automatically while rolling down, not in the factory-default bottommost position, a bit higher than that. The manual was't really helpful, if I recall correctly, it says something that I need to call a certified person to do this adjustment, but fortunately after some research on the internet, I found some helpful information about it, and was able to perform the adjustment myself. Another minor issue that the power cord is short, they expect that one has a pre-installed power outlet on the ceiling for the screen, so it definitely won't reach a standard power outlet near the floor without an extension cord.


    • two remotes (IR and RF)
    • multiple mounting options
    • truly flat surface


    • adjusting the drop level is not straightforward