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My Passport Wireless Pro (3000Go)
CHF 225.–
WD My Passport Wireless Pro (3000Go)

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2 réponses sur WD My Passport Wireless Pro (3000Go)

User lajbert

Can this be used in both wireless and USB mode at the same time? I'd like to have it connected to my TV via usb constantly but copy data via wifi from the pc.

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User Subseven
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I can't tell with 100% certainty, but It's unlikely that you can. Access is probably denied if another device is using it.
You can hook it up to a PC and set it up as a shared drive in the network. That way, all devices in the network can access it at the same time. The TV has to be able to access network drives, which is something Smart-TVs can.

User infinityfreak

Ich habe leider keinen Unterschied zwischen der My Passport Wireless und der My Passport Wireless Pro gefunden. Gibt es überhaupt einen Unterschied?

Cette question a été posée pour une autre variante: My Passport Wireless Pro (2000Go)

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