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  • Sentry 3 (5.25", 5x)
  • Sentry 3 (5.25", 5x)
  • Sentry 3 (5.25", 5x)
CHF 59.90
NZXT Sentry 3 (5.25", 5x)

Évaluation sur NZXT Sentry 3 (5.25", 5x).

User SuTTki
Sentry 3 (5.25", 5x)

Looks good,

Nice quality. You can controll 5 fans. It looks nice on case.
My case is: cm storm 2 advanced, and fit nice. I had hard to install it in case because my lock can't hold it well, so i has to use screw.
IMPORTANT: if your PC Case is on floor you can't see display, it looks all 888. You had to see it in front. So it is better for pc case on desk.
Sorry for eng


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