• F12 PWM PST (120mm, 1x)
  • F12 PWM PST (120mm, 1x)
  • F12 PWM PST (120mm, 1x)
CHF 14.40
Arctic F12 PWM PST (120mm, 1x)

Évaluation sur Arctic F12 PWM PST (120mm, 1x).

User claiudiu_2005

It really helps when playing games

I bought this to lower the temperature inside my case while playing games. I somehow measured it by placing a temp sensor above the case (case has holes above), and while playing there were 32 degress.

After installing this FAN to take the heat and expel it through the BACK SIDE of the case, the temperature while playing decreased at 28.5 degress (on top of the case). So even if my measurement is not so accurate, at least I could see a difference.

btw, when you screw those wide screws, make sure you insert them correctly from the beginning.

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