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  • Elements Desktop (4To)
  • Elements Desktop (4To)
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WD Elements Desktop (4To)

Évaluation sur WD Elements Desktop (4To).

User gregcutler
Elements Desktop (4To)

Formatted for Mac OS and used as TimeMachine backu...

Formatted for Mac OS and used as TimeMachine backup with no problems. 2 weeks in everything working fine.

However, the drive is NOT completely silent as some others have stated. It is not loud, but in a quiet office I definitely hear it running when the disk is spun up. It doesn't disturb me, but I know it's there. When the disk is idle and spins down, it is super-quiet.

The plastic housing is also on the cheap side. I had a 1T MyBook for quite some time, and the aluminium case was of much better quality. This one definitely doesn't have the same feel.

Overall I'd still recommend it though. Just know what you are getting.

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