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Denver - WCT-8010 Wildkamera (8Mpx)

Blackmagic - Pocket Cinema Camera 4K (8Mpx, 60p)

Panasonic - HC V777 (12.76Mpx, 50p, 20x)

Atomos - Ninja V (5", Full HD)

Blackmagic - Pocket Cinema Camera 6K (21.20Mpx, 50p)

Brinno - BCC200 Pro (1.30Mpx, 30p)

Atomos - Shinobi (5.20", Full HD)

Panasonic - HC-V380EG-K (2.51Mpx, 50i, 50x)

Canon - XA40 (21.14Mpx, 25p)

Feelworld - Master MA5 (5", Full HD)

Denver - WCM-8010 Wildkamera (8Mpx)

Sony - FDR AX53 4K Handycam (8.29Mpx, 50p, 20x)

Aputure - Amaran AL-F7 (video light)

SmallHD - Focus 5 (5", HD 720)

Aputure - AL-MC (video light)