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On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Atomos products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Atomos Ninja V

Enter the Atomos Ninja V - a stealthy, 5-inch, 4K 60p 10bit HDR daylight viewable 1000nit portable monitor/recorder. optimal for Mirrorless, DSLRs and Gaming. Record up to 4K 60p 10-bit HDR video direct from your camera's sensor, over HDMI 2.0. Store edit-ready ProRes or DNxHR on affordable SSD drives and bypass your cameras internal compression and record time limits. 1TB will give you 2.5 hrs 4K on tiny AtomX SSDmini. The stunningly bright 5.2-inch 10-bit HDR monitor has an astounding 1,000 nits of output. It's a sleek 1" (2.5 cm) aluminum body, is crafted for maximum durability, weighs in at just 320g, and attaches to any camera rig easily. The Ninja screen displays a stunning 10+ stops of dynamic range in realtime from Log/ PQ/HLG signals. Clearly see your images in daylight on the near edge-to-edge anti-reflection screen. The display can be calibrated for optimal color accuracy every time, with playout to HDR or SDR TV sets. 4K 60p or HD 240p Game Recording just became fun and simple from any HDMI gaming unit. Place the Ninja V in-between your unit and the TV, and record for hours to off-the-shelf SSD drives. Auto HDR flags mean optimal TV set up every time. Show off your skills or check your game development on the most stunning video recorder ever built. Any production large or small needs high quality viewing. Even if you aren't recording, the Ninja V is the best monitor available today. Audio can be input directly from the camera digitally via HDMI, or fed in analogue via a stereo 3.5 mm line/mic socket - especially useful for cameras that do not have a mic input. The recorded Ninja files are available immediately on your Mac or PC for editing. Video and gaming workflows are supported for the fastest path to your audience. Tag while recording on the fly for direct-to-edit look-up with up to 6 streams, edited directly from the SSD in Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere or Avid Media Composer. 

2. Atomos Shinobi

The new 5-inch field monitor from Atomos convinces with its Full-HD HDR display and can also be used in daylight without any problems thanks to its 1000nit. It has an SD card slot for 3D LUTs and an HDMI input for 4Kp30 10bit monitoring. The Atomos Shinobi is well suited for filmmakers, vloggers and photographers who need a bright full-HD preview monitor with numerous assistant functions. 

3. Atomos Ninja V+

The Ninja V + builds on the foundation of the previous Ninja, providing high-quality, accurate monitoring and advanced recording capabilities for your camera, as well as continuous continuous shooting up to 8Kp30 and 4Kp120 in Apple ProRes RAW. While the grey stealth bezel of the Ninja V + is the only visual difference from the Ninja V, under the hood is a powerhouse of video and image processing. Includes; 1 x Ninja V+ Unit Hard Case 1 x Master drive caddy 1 x Battery Eliminator 1 x DC locking connector. 

4. Atomos Shinobi 7

The Shinobi 7 combines a large 7" HDR monitor with a calibrated peak brightness of 2200 nits and a user-friendly interface. The monitor can be used in the brightest environments to monitor signals up to 4K60p via HDMI or SDI. It is the ideal director, focus puller, program or preview monitor for on-camera video mixers and vloggers. The intuitive touch screen gives you quick access to key camera functions. Make dynamic adjustments such as aperture, white balance, shutter angle and ND. The additional USB and RJ45 control ports support future developments , which will be added by Atomos.

The monitor displays an impressive dynamic range of more than ten levels in real time from log, PQ and HLG signals. Combined with the unique HDR monitoring feature, the Shinobi 7 simplifies the complexity of shooting and helps you replicate post-production workflows at the moment it matters most - while shooting. Adaptive Cooling also lets you prioritize reduced fan noise or peak display brightness. In addition to log-in HDR conversions, you can also use your own custom 3D LUT to deliver downstream to other devices or live feeds. Load up to eight custom LUTs via the SD card slot at any time and choose between them instantly. When used in conjunction with Selfie Mode, the large display acts as the perfect monitor.

The Shinobi 7 uses the AtomOS 10 platform and is packed with a comprehensive suite of scopes and simple one-touch controls. Shinobi includes monitoring tools for focus, framing and exposure, including Focus Peaking, 4:1 / 2:1 / 1:1 Zoom, Zebra, False Color, Cine and Social Frame Guides, SMPTE Safe Areas, Waveform, RGB Parade , Vectorscopes, Anamorphic De-Squeeze and 3D LUT support. It is elementary to see what you are recording at all times. With the analysis feature, you can simultaneously view what you are shooting and gain complete control over your image. You can even switch between different waveform, histogram and vectorscope options in an instant with a single touch.

With two battery compartments, you can easily swap batteries on the fly during your shoot, so you'll never suddenly find yourself without power. The monitor is designed from the ground up to optimize battery consumption while monitoring, and the dedicated DC jack input allows you to connect to AC power. With support for up to 4Kp60 via the HDMI inputs, the Shinobi 7 fits into any video workflow by enabling cross conversion between 4K HDMI and 3G SDI signals. Output low latency video signals with the ability to integrate HDMI cameras into SDI workflows or vice versa without the need for additional converters.

5. Atomos Ninja Ultra

Interfaces: HDMI, USB Type C, 3.5 mm headphone jack, 3.5 mm microphone input.

6. Atomos Shinobi 7 Pro Kit

Atomos Shinobi 7 Pro KitThe Shinobi Pro Kit contains all the necessary accessories for professional monitoring. It includes the 7'' HDR monitor Shinobi 7 with a calibrated peak brightness of 2200 nits. The Shinobi 7 can be used in the brightest environments to monitor signals up to 4Kp60 via HDMI. An ideal monitor for directors, focus pullers, as a programme or preview monitor for video switchers and perfect for vloggers presenting to camera.The kit also includes the necessary accessories to get you started straight away. You get two reliable 5200 mAh NPF batteries, a quick charger, a power supply and a D-TAP to DC spiral cable. The kit comes in a sturdy HPRC hard case to protect your equipment during transport and keep it safe.Features: -2200 nits HDR / daylight ready display -HDMI 2.0 support at 4Kp60, 3G-SDI support up to 2Kp60 -Bi-directional HDMI SDI signal cross conversion -Dual NPF battery slot for Continuous Power -3D LUT support with preview and signal output -AtomHDR enables conversion of log to HDR for display and playout. -Touchscreen camera control via optional cable for compatible cameras of aperture, WB, shutter speed and ND -Exposure control tools - Histogram, Waveform, False Colours & Zebras -Vertical and horizontal screen modes -Safe focus pull with zoom levels 4:1, 2:1, 1:1 -Headphone monitoring of camera audio -Dimensions (monitor only): 198 x 133 x 39 mm -Weight (monitor only): 577 gThe kit includes: -1x Shinobi 7 -1x AC adapter -1x Quick charger -2x 5200 mAh battery -1x D-Tap to DC spiral cable -1x HPRC hard case with matching foam inlay -1x Carrying strap for case. 

7. Atomos Shogun Inferno with Softcase

The Shogun Inferno of Atomos redefines the All-In-One Monitors category. It combines advanced HDR and high brightness technology with high frame rates, raw recording, playback and editing capabilities directly on the set. The possibility of displaying up to 1500nit/10bit/HDR (latest capacity), 4k60p via Quad-SDI. The free firmware update AtomOS 9.0 allows the recorder ProRes RAW to record. This recording function is possible with individual camcorders. 

Atomos Shogun Inferno with Softcase (7", WUXGA)
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Atomos Shogun Inferno with Softcase


8. Atomos Shogun Studio II

All the tools available in Shogun, such as False Color, Vectorscope, Focus Peaking, etc. are of course also available in Shogun Studio 2. In addition, it is possible to control and switch sources via the panel's touchscreen. 

9. Atomos Zato Connect

Now anyone can monitor, stream and interact with social platforms and video conferencing. ZATO CONNECT is designed to be a compact, easy-to-use gateway to ATOMOS Cloud Studio. It supports almost all HDMI and USB UVC sources for live streaming on Facebook Live, Twitch, YouTube and other social sites, or can be used as a webcam source for Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom and other conferencing software. The implementation of AtomOS Lite software provides an intuitive and easy-to-use experience. The software includes all the essential tools, so it looks familiar to existing customers. With its compact form factor, 5-inch (1000nit) SuperAtom IPS display, Wi-Fi 5, USB-C and Ethernet (via USB-C adapter) connectivity, and NP-F battery or USB-C PD power options, the ZATO CONNECT is an ideal companion for live streaming in the field, in the studio or wherever it travels.

Livestreaming and high-quality video conferencing are made easy and accessible with ZATO CONNECT. The device supports HDMI and USB UVC cameras or video sources, is equipped with Wi-Fi 5, Gigabit Ethernet (via USB-C) and the ability to connect to cellular hotspots. So anyone can stream from anywhere to Facebook Live, Twitch and YouTube, or create high-quality video for Microsoft Teams, Slack and Zoom.

With the easy-to-use ZATO CONNECT, anyone can set up a live stream (with ATOMOS Cloud Studio) and create high-quality video content. The 5-inch touchscreen display can be used to switch between sources and monitor the outgoing programme stream. The unit is compact enough to mount on a DSLR or mirrorless camera. But it can also be placed next to a PC, Mac or games console. Streaming has never been easier and ZATO CONNECT is the ideal all-in-one solution.

Although incredibly compact, the ZATO CONNECT lives up to its name. With input and output connections for HDMI and USB UVC, the unit can convert the output of a variety of video devices into a live stream or webcam source. Microphone or line sources can also be connected via the 3.5mm audio jack, and the ZATO CONNECT can mix these with embedded audio from HDMI or USB UVC.

Any live stream can be recorded as a local H.264 backup on an SD card. With the ability to combine recorded sources with live content, it is possible to take one of these recordings and stream the content "as live" with ZATO CONNECT. This opens up many creative possibilities and enhances any stream or video presentation.

ZATO CONNECT features an audio mixer that allows audio from the analogue 3.5mm input to be adjusted and combined with embedded audio from HDMI and USB UVC sources. Each channel can be independently adjusted and mixed to a single stereo track for a live stream, recording or video presentation.

Whether it's configuring streams, switching between sources, recording, playing back, mixing audio or adding effects, it's all a breeze with AtomOS Lite on the ZATO CONNECT. The software offers a range of essential tools such as overlay effects, image zoom and frame guides to enhance any stream or video conference.

Whether via livestream or virtual meeting, video has become an everyday part of our lives. Today, businesses, influencers, entrepreneurs, churches and educational institutions use video to create an identity or reinforce a brand. Compelling content can make all the difference and help highlight branding, core messages or even sponsorship opportunities. ZATO CONNECT makes it easy to apply graphic overlays to streams or watermark recorded content.

10. Atomos Ninja

Interfaces: HDMI, USB Type C, 3.5 mm headphone jack, 3.5 mm microphone input.