Best Kabelschlange products in the Cable trunking category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Kabelschlange products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Kabelschlange Classic

The classic "all-round system "This tread-proof cable routing system is particularly compact and compatible. The Cable Snake® Classic guides up to 25 cables, is longitudinally flexible, 100% network-compatible and has 3 separate chambers (approx. W 54 x H 23 mm). Mounting is possible horizontally and vertically. The compact design meets the highest demands and saves time and money through quick and easy installation. Optionally with floor outlet adapter or floor plate and table mounting in each case 750 mm long: 33 links 1250 mm long: 56 links. 

Kabelschlange Classic (Cable hole, 1250 mm)
Cable trunking
45.94 CHF 36.75 CHF/1m

Kabelschlange Classic

Cable hole, 1250 mm

2. Kabelschlange Premium

Cable carrier for demanding environments elliptical shape integrated 2D/3D system, optimised for ergonomic furniture Cable chain unrolls automatically like a caterpillar chain for height-adjustable tables 2 chambers for separate routing of up to 40 data and power cables Chain links can be pushed together completely to form a self-locking cable duct 750 mm long: 16 links 1250 mm long: 27 links compatible with Quadro cable snake (see accessories) Set with base plate and table attachment. 

3. Kabelschlange Quadro

The square "snake" for heavy-duty useSquare shape with two-chamber system for separate cable routing of up to 40 data and power cablesParticularly tension-resistant and also well suited for suspension from the ceilingIntegrated zip-stop system prevents unintentional removal of installed cablesCompatible with cable snake Premium (see accessories)750 mm long: 23 links1250 mm long: 39 linksSet with base plate and table attachment. 

4. Kabelschlange Per set

Particularly tread-resistant and therefore ideal for laying in passage areas. The high design standard with high-quality eroded surfaces and the Easy-Zip-System* meet the highest demands.2D/3D system optimised for ergonomic furniture, (e.g. height-adjustable tables)Capacity: up to 30 cablescan also be used as closed trunking35% longitudinally flexible and can also be used as closed trunkingSet consisting of: approx. 1250 mm (42 links) Cable Snake™, table attachment, Easy-Clip-L floor outlet connection*Easy-Zip: tool-free cable installation like a zip.