Video cables

Whether it's for your TV or for your monitor, you'll most likely need video cables on a daily basis. The most common video cable types are HDMI, DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort, DVI and the somewhat older VGA. In addition, video signals are often even transmitted via Thunderbolt or USB-C ports in more modern devices. When choosing a video cable, you have to pay attention to the length and maximum resolution in addition to the connection.

If you are looking for a video cable for your gaming setup, then you should definitely pay attention to the maximum picture quality. Sure, a cable might be able to transmit up to 4K picture quality, but only with a maximum frame rate of 30 Hz. Using this feature, you can then find your desired cable, especially if you want to play at a frame rate of 60 or 144 Hz.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the picture quality and resolution depend on the three main components. The main device (DVD player, PC, TV box), the video cable and the monitor or TV. A cable may be able to provide a maximum picture quality of 4k@60Hz, but if the main device or monitor only supports 4k@30Hz, then 4k@30Hz will be displayed. That's why it's important to choose the right cable for your setup. The opposite is also possible, you could reduce the quality of the signal by using a cable with a lower picture quality than your main device or monitor.

Besides our own Digitec video cables, we offer products from well-known cable manufacturers like Roline, Digitus, Club3D, Delock, Value and others.