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    This is what the golden ratio sounds like: 6 new ideas for music devices


Although the radio was invented at the beginning of the last century, the technology in the devices is constantly evolving. Most radios still have FM and FM reception, but here, too, the change to the digital age has long since begun. A large part of the range can therefore also receive the digital DAB+ signals. More and more radios also have access to the Internet via WLAN or cable. They enable reception of thousands of radio programs from all over the world.
Depending on where they are used, the radios are also waterproof, have an alarm function or a CD drive. The Bluetooth function also allows music from a cell phone to be played on the radio. If you already know for which purpose you want to buy a radio, you can easily find your desired radio via the radio type filter on the left.
In our assortment you will find a wide range of kitchen radios, shower radios, pocket radios and many other radios with which you can receive your favorite station. Also with the brands you have the full selection of Sony, Pure, JBL, TechniSat, Teufel and many more.