Bluetooth speakers

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    Cheap vs expensive: which speaker is worth the pennies?

    by Lorenz Keller

Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth loudspeakers are portable – that's what makes them special. Most models have a built-in battery that provides several hours of wireless playback. Featuring a robust, splash-proof, dirt-repellent and stylish design, portable speakers are ideal to take into snow, mud or on the water. Music can be transmitted directly from the smartphone via Bluetooth, Airplay, WLAN or DLNA. Some models also offer stereo pairing. More and more Bluetooth speakers have the option to pair multiple speakers and distribute music to several rooms. Most Bluetooth speakers have a hands-free function for telephone calls or are equipped with a USB charging socket.

Our range features Bluetooth speakers of all brands. Whether Ultimate Ears (UE), JBL, Bose or many other brands, we have them all.