AV Receiver

AV receivers (A&V stands for Audio & Video), also known as AVRs, are multi-channel Hi-Fi amplifiers that can switch various audio and video sources to their analog and digital outputs. The outputs of an AV receiver can be used to connect speakers, TV sets, projectors or additional amplifier amplifiers. The inputs of an AV receiver allow the connection of many different audio and video devices, such as players for CDs, DVDs or Bluray discs, video and digital cameras and also storage media on which audio and video files are stored.

Newer AV receivers have a network connection that can also be used to play multimedia files from the home network or the Internet. Bluetooth and a WLAN connection are also standard features of an AV receiver today. Many also feature Chromecast Built-in, Airplay or Spotify Connect to play music directly from your phone or other player. Depending on the brand, the AV receivers can also control manufacturer's own Multiroom systems.

For the perfect home cinema, not only the number of channels but also the supported surround characteristics and HDMI features are important. Many AV receivers support surround formats such as Dolby Atmos or DTS:X and deliver razor-sharp images thanks to 4k upscaling.