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You are a hobbyist and have a new electronics project? With our electronic modules you can find various things like buttons, displays, electronic kits or even power components. These are compatible with Arduino or Raspberry Pi, among others. You can also find touch sensors, fingerprint sensors and other things. We offer you articles of the brands 86Duino, Adafruit, AI, AI Tinker, Align, Arduino, Atmel, Banana PI, Blinkinlabs, Brick'r, Ceed, Ciseco Ltd, Deek-Robot, Digi, Digilent, Donau, dresden elektronik, Electric Imp, Element 14, Franzis, Genuino, Hyperion, Integreight, ITead Studio, KST, LilyPad, Linksprite, mbed, MiC, Mico, Nokia, OEM, ON Semiconductor, Particle, Pimoroni, Play-Zone, Raspberry Pi, RedBearLabs, RFDuino, RoboTech, Savöx, Secret Labs LLC, Snootlab, Solarbotics Ltd., Solid, SolidRun, SparkFun, Suptronics, Tessel, Tinkerforge, TinyCircuits, VeeaR, Velleman, WaveShare, WZduino, YFRobot, YWRobot and Z-Wave. 

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Components Starter Set Basic for FPGA or Arduino projects (electronics kit)
Play-Zone Components Starter Set Basic for FPGA or Arduino projects (electronics kit)
Raspberry Pi Zero Flex Cable (Various)
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Sertronics Raspberry Pi Zero Flex Cable (Various)