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Robotics kit

Robotics is a term that is on everyone's lips these days. In contrast to analog construction kits, robotics kits are mostly digitalized and programmable. It is not only robots like the Mobsya Wireless Thymio, which stand out due to many technical features, such as various sensors, programmability and suitable for educational purposes (educational robotics), but also products like the Allbot VR408 or the Makeblock mBlock, which you can assemble and expand yourself: https://www.digitec.ch/de/s1/producttype/robotik-modul-2632?tagIds=1-773-889

Makeblock, for example, offers a whole range of products, from the entry-level model to the airworthy drone. Everything in Makeblock, Mobsya (Thymio) and co. is designed to have a teaching experience, which is certainly useful in view of curriculum 21 in the MINT subjects as a learning robot. Most of our robots can be programmed, Makeblock for example via app and others, like the Ozobot, via computer. From children to adults, our robots can help you enter the world of robotics and programming. Suitable for schools are, among others, Makeblock and Thymio, where certain models are S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) certified.

In this category you will find all kits and sets to create exciting robotic projects. We offer you kits of the brands Buki, Clementoni, DAGU Hi-Tech / Arexx, Kosmos, Makeblock, Mobsya, Nicai Systems, OEM, Sphero and Velleman.