• Product test

    The DJI Air 3 is multifaceted, but too big

    by Samuel Buchmann


Remote-controlled drones enjoy great popularity. In this product type you will find drones with photo and video functionality. The well-known brands in this area are: DJI, Parrot, Yuneec, Hubsan, Revell, Ryze Tech and Wingsland.

When purchasing an RC drone, we recommend that you pay attention to the following characteristics, depending on your interests and flying skills:
For uncomplicated flying fun at home we recommend simple indoor drones without camera. These are ready to fly immediately, relatively inexpensive and do not require any special previous knowledge, which makes them ideal for beginners and children alike.

For advanced pilots who already have previous knowledge of controls and want to achieve simple aerial shots, outdoor drones with integrated camera or a preparation for connecting their own desired camera are suitable.

Pilots with professional demands regarding aerial photography choose flying drones with a stabilizing camera mount. These professional drones usually also have an integrated GPS for flight support.

A relatively new class is formed by multicopters controlled via smartphone or tablet. The associated apps connect the aircraft to the Internet to share the images directly with others or to broadcast the images live.

And finally, experienced hobbyists and model makers choose a kit to assemble the RC drone themselves.