Docking stations + USB Hub

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Docking stations + USB Hub

Here you can find docking stations and USB hubs in one place. Use the Type filter to choose between docking stations and USB hubs.

What is a docking station?
A docking station extends the functionality of your notebook and turns it into a desktop replacement.
A docking station is perfect if you want to connect various peripheral devices to your notebook, such as monitors, mouse, keyboard and also charge your smartphone.

What is a USB hub?
A USB hub extends the number of connections on your notebook. It is a USB device that distributes the USB signal to several ports. USB hubs are often more handy than docking stations.

How do I connect my docking station / USB hub to my notebook?
The Main Port filter will help you here. The main port indicates the port on your notebook to which the docking station or USB hub is connected. Accordingly, you can filter according to the connection you need. For USB hubs, these are primarily USB A, USB C or Thunderbolt connections. Occasionally, there are also USB hubs with Micro USB or Mini USB connections.
For docking stations, there are the usual USB A, USB C, Thunderbolt and USB B connections as well as the docking port. With the docking ports, the notebook is plugged into the docking port. The docking ports often have a proprietary connection, i.e. a device-specific or brand-specific connection.

Passive or active power supply?
Unlike most USB hubs, a docking station often has an active power supply. However, there are also USB hubs with an active power supply. An active power supply means that these products have their own power source, i.e. they are equipped with a power supply unit and are connected to a power socket. With a passive power supply, on the other hand, the power is drawn from the connected laptop. The filter Equipment + Functions can be used to filter for products with an active power supply.

Which connections do I need?
That depends on the work you want to do with a docking station or USB hub. However, you can filter for all kinds of connections. You will find video connections (including HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, Thunderbolt), data connections (including USB C, USB A), network connections (including RJ-45/LAN) or audio connections (including 3.5mm jack) in the filters.
With the Number of Ports filter, you can also select how many ports your docking station or USB hub should have, i.e. the maximum number of devices you can connect. There are from one additional port up to and including 28 additional ports.

You can find docking stations and USB hubs from brands like Lenovo, HP, Dell, Satechi and many more. Have fun browsing.