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IB-366StU3+B (3.5")
CHF 52.70
ICY BOX IB-366StU3+B (3.5")

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5 answered questions about ICY BOX IB-366StU3+B (3.5")

User frederic.rheme

puis-je l'utiliser comme extension HDD (WD Black 4To) pour une ps4 pro ?

1 answer
User Anonymous
Accepted answer

Selon la configuration requise par Playstation, le boitier et le disque choisis semblent compatibles (USB 3.0 ou ultérieure et HDD de 250 Go minimum).

User philippe.desarzens

can this dock be used with exFat disk? I have an Icy Box dock but he can only read exFat disk not write :-(

1 answer
User adamnealis
Accepted answer

I don't know about the Icy Box Dock, but the unit I bought just has an internal connector to mate the disk to the external USB interface. So I see no reason why it would care about how the disk was formatted.

As it happens, I inserted a new disk and reformatted it with Apple's HFS.

User mwicki

Ist bei diesem Produkt ein USB-Kabel inbegriffen?

4 answers
User niglo
Accepted answer

Gemäss der Beschreibung von digitec ist ein Kabel dabei. Dies kann ich bestätigen, bei mir war ein USB-Kabel inbegriffen.