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201X (Toner, Y, M, C, FC)
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HP 201X (Toner, Y, M, C, FC)

Question about HP 201X (Toner, Y, M, C, FC)

User onursaltan

Dear fgrohe1,

I initially printed many colored documents, that's why the Cyan toner quickly depleted... I do not recall how many pages I had printed by then but I changed the CYAN toner on 2015.12.11. Since then , I printed 1619 pages and the toner is at its 60% now. So, my last CYAN will run about 4'000 pages (seems to be unreal though ;-) ) ...

I do not have other statistics, only that I printed since the start of the use of device about 2150 pages and I just changed the other three toners on 20th Jun. O you may think that the given stats in the sales brochure must be almost right...



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