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  • 850 Pro (256Go, 2.5")
  • 850 Pro (256Go, 2.5")
  • 850 Pro (256Go, 2.5")
Samsung 850 Pro (256Go, 2.5")

Évaluation sur Samsung 850 Pro (256Go, 2.5").

User Stephane24
850 Pro (256Go, 2.5")

My previous SSD (it was not made by Samsung) died ...

My previous SSD (it was not made by Samsung) died after two years of moderate home use. The symptom was a sudden black screen with a "please insert system disk" (or similar) message. I could reboot once or twice, but no more.

I bought the PRO version hoping that it would last longer than the cheaper consumer-grade device I had before. The rationale is that the extra cost of a "pro" SSD far outweighs the time needed to make a fresh install of the operating system, office software, email configuration, etc. (It is of course too soon to tell if that was a good investment.)

My PC is already 5-6 years old, at the time an upper-mid-range quad-core Intel CPU, ASUS Motherboard with SATA-3 HDD interface. Considering that the speed of an SSD drive outruns the pace of SATA-3, I did not expect any speed improvement. But I did notice some improvement in the write speed, which came as a surprise. I cannot comment on read speed, because the observed improvement is most likely the result of a fresh Windows 7 and Office installation.

As always congrats to Digitec, the order placed at 4pm arrived the next morning as announced on the website, that's the kind of reliability I both expect and appreciate.

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