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  • Sound BlasterX G5 (USB-DAC)
  • Sound BlasterX G5 (USB-DAC)
  • Sound BlasterX G5 (USB-DAC)
CHF 137.–
Creative Sound BlasterX G5 (USB-DAC)

Évaluation sur Creative Sound BlasterX G5 (USB-DAC).

User roblan11
Sound BlasterX G5 (USB-DAC)

Great device (when it works, which it really didn't for me)

Well, first of all: I was using the G5 on macOS, with a Antlion ModMic v5 and open-back headphones. I have no complaints about about the sound quality on the Mic or headphones. IF the device works.
So, why the low rating? Because, from both the original device and the replacement i received, it seems that their advertised macOS / OSX support isn't exactly true. It is highly entertaining to guess how I could get it to work each time (read below), but it still didn't work.

So then, let's begin the story of me trying to use the originally received G5:
• At first, the G5 worked flawlessly. no sound quality complaints or similar.
• Then, when I turned on my computer the red LED at the top was flashing, no sound. It was a quick fix by unplugging the USB cable and plugging in back in.
• A little later, even that didn't work, so I had to restart the computer, which fixed the problem that time.
• After then, restarting the computer and unplugging didn't have any effect. Eventually, this time I got it to work by plugging it into my USB hub (which is specifically not recommended in the manual).
• Months pass, the device works (minus the mic problems in Discord described above), until one day, no input sound is present whatsoever. The line-in seems to have stopped working completely. I could find no solution up to now, am sending it in for warranty.

What about the second one? First day I plugged it in the LED started flashing. This time around it did however work with a USB extension cable. Huh.


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