UPS accessories

Here we list all accessories for UPS, from replacement batteries to extensions. In the event of a power failure, UPS units - short for uninterruptible power supplies - are designed to protect a computer from crashing so that you (or the UPS software) is able to shut down all services and applications and shut down the computer as normal - data security is paramount here. In the sense of an emergency power generator, a professional UPS device allows you to sit at your computer for the crucial few minutes during a power failure. Save, shut down and go home. Voilà! However, a UPS unit not only helps you in the event of a complete power failure, but also in the event of partial and temporary voltage drops. This type of power failure is more common than you think: Clear signs are flickering lamps, clock radios that suddenly need to be reprogrammed or a computer that suddenly initiates a restart. The problem: There is no power supply that is really always stable. It may be helpful if you use a clock radio with a battery buffer or a high-quality power supply for your computer, but this does not solve the basic problem.

UPSs - in English Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) - differ in three different types:
Offline or Standby UPSs: VFD (Voltage Frequency Dependent from Mains Supply)
Line Interactive or Grid Interactive UPS: VI (Voltage Independent from Mains Supply)
Online double conversion UPSs: VFI (Voltage and Frequency Independent from Mains Supply)
Basically, one should ask oneself which load is to be bridged and how long this bridging should withstand the load.

We offer you among others UPS products of the brands APC, Cyberpower, Eaton, HPE, Powerwalker, Online UPS, Roline, SICOTEC UPS and Value.