Universal chargers

You need a charger that not only fits your favourite product, but several products? No problem, you can buy the right universal charger from us.

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Goobay - 3 V - 12 V Universal-Netzteil 1.5A

Goobay - 53996

Goobay - Universal power supply unit

Goobay - 53995

Lindy - Euro-Steckernetzteil 5V DC 2A

Varta - Home Charging Station Charging Station 4xUSB-A + 1xUSB-C

CoreParts - Power Adapter for WD.

Alpha Elettronica - KD1000

MeanWell - Power Adapter Euro Plug In 24V 60W

Ansmann - APS 1000

RS Pro - Power Adapter Euro Plug In 12V 12W

Alpha Elettronica - KD1800 Steckernetzteil

LogiLink - PA0198

Alpha Elettronica - KD2520 Steckernetzteil

RS Pro - Power Adapter Euro Plug In 12V 24W