Best products in the Thermal paper rolls category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Epson Thermal paper roll

The preferred area of application for all FA grades are cash register rolls in the POS area. The properties and applications of the KT 55 FA are comparable to those of the F20 series, but these papers are produced without the use of bisphenol. In addition, the FA grades have a 10-year durability of the writing.

The KT 55 FA is also used as fax paper, ATM documents or diagram paper for medical recording devices. The sensitivity of the FA qualities allows the generation of an optimum printout on almost all available thermal printers. The durability of the typeface is 10 years - if stored properly.

2. Epson 55057-10735

Epson thermal paper for Epson thermal printer TM-P20.

3. Neutral TR5810m

For SIX: Yoximo/Xentissimo.

4. Kores Paper roll

Accessory type: Paper rolls.

5. Kores TR5725

These thermal rolls are delivered in a welded 5-pack and are suitable for various printers.

6. Dymo S0904980

LW labels are printed using the direct thermal printing process. This avoids the purchase of expensive ink or toner cartridges.

7. Seiko Thermal paper 80 mm

Cash register, receipt roll, 80mm x 80m x 12mm, Bisphenol A free.

8. Exacompta Thermal roll

Thermal roll 1-ply, W57xØ40 mm, printed on the back, 55g Thermal roll for card payment, printed on the back. Plastic-free and without core. Width 57mm, Ø 40mm, length of roll (+/- 2m) 18m. 20 rolls (4 sets of 5 rolls each). BPA free. 

9. Olympia Thermal paper roll

Thermal paper for cash registers and printing desk calculators. Suitable for CM81x, 84x, CPD3212T, CM91x, 94x, 96x, KPR58.

10. GBC Paper roll 1491X/1228X

GBC paper roll 1491X/1228X, accessory type: paper rolls.