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1. Autosolar Solar Power Plant Set

Would you like to produce your own electricity? The 730W solar power plant for the balcony makes this possible. Incl. mounting material for balcony railings and app monitoring via Bluetooth and WLAN.

- 2x365W = 730 W solar output
- easy installation
- incl. module inverter 600W and 5m connection cable with CH plug
- All mounting material included for attachment to the balcony railing
The module inverter ensures the feed-in of a maximum of 600 W.

Included in the set:
- 2x 365W solar panel 24V monocrystalline (single panel: 1769 x 1052 x 35 mm as well as 20.5kg)
- 2x mounting set for balcony with 1 module up to 103cm frame width
- 1x Module inverter with app - feed-in via socket Output power Microinverter-600 Watt
- 1x 4.5m solar cable for module inverter with CH plug

The solar power plant makes you partially independent of mains electricity. You can produce your own solar power and thus reduce your electricity costs. This Plug & Play solar power plant is easy to install. All you have to do is plug the individual parts together and connect them to your outdoor socket. Thanks to the 5-metre cable with Swiss plug, this is very easy.

The solar power plant sets for the balcony are good starter sets for off-grid power supply. The solar modules in the sets are designed to fit any conventional balcony railing.

We have the matching installation kit for each plug-in solar set so that the module can be mounted directly on the balcony railing.

The module changer in the set is designed according to the CH standards of ESTI and feeds a maximum of 600W power into the existing socket. The Microinverter can be connected directly to the outdoor socket via the AC connection and the matching cable.

In Switzerland, it is currently permitted to install a small plug & play system with a maximum output power of 600 W without a permit. The prerequisite is that the grid operator is informed about the operation of the solar system. In the case of a larger system, it must be installed by a specialist. Permits may be required depending on the municipality and canton, as well as the electricity provider. It is advisable to clarify the individual situation.

When installing the system, please note that only one Plug&Play system may be connected per external socket. The external sockets are normally protected by a residual current circuit breaker.

Details on the Microinverter (600W):
With the AutoSolar Microinverter, you can feed the electricity produced directly into the socket using a suitable solar module. Without registration, without configuration. The energy produced can be queried in real time via Bluetooth or WLAN using the smartphone.

Details of the mounting set:
This set contains everything you need to attach a module to a balcony railing or other suitable railings. The supplied hooks are especially suitable for railings.
It is suitable for solar modules with a maximum width of 103mm and a frame height of 35mm. High-quality corrosion-free materials made of stainless steel ensure a safe and long-lasting installation. Ideal for modules up to 390Watt.
Note: Only for framed modules with 35mm or 40mm frame thickness.

The mounting set consists of:
- 2x 50x1050mm rail with longitudinal holes (stainless steel)
- 4x tube clamp 30-50mm for round or corner balcony railings
- 13x stop nuts (stainless steel)
- 13x washers
- 5x M8x35 screw (stainless steel)

2. Autosolar Solar set system

Complete solar system set including battery and 230 V AC inverter, 160 Watt solar module with 36 monocrystalline cells. Including 5 m long 4 mm² solar cable, MC4 connector and M8 ring terminals for the battery. With this solar set you get all the necessary components to supply your motorhome or garden shed independently with electricity. Thanks to the 230 V AC inverter you can use your usual household appliances. The system can be easily extended with an additional battery if needed. PWM charge controller. The current operating status is determined by a resistor and subsequently the charging process is optimized by the principle of pulse width modulation. This results, among other things, in a very low voltage drop (maximum 0.24 V) and own current consumption (maximum 6 mA). Therefore PWM charge controllers are much more effective than simple linear charge controllers. Due to the built-in microprocessor, the battery is charged gently, thus guaranteeing a long life of your solar batteries. AGM Battery. The construction principle of AGM batteries is based on the use of grid plates and a glass fiber fleece as separator in which the electrolyte is fixed. AGM batteries are maintenance-free in terms of water refilling and offer the user an efficient charging current consumption in addition to a very good cycle life. By optimizing the internal structure (e.g. mass and electrolyte supply), batteries of the AGM product range are optimally suited for solar applications. The impact-resistant, reinforced polypropylene housing is robust against environmental influences and offers easy installation and comfortable handling thanks to integrated handles. 

Autosolar Solar set system (160 W, 10 A, Lead–acid battery)
Solar generators

Autosolar Solar set system

160 W, 10 A, Lead–acid battery


3. Autarking Balcony solar set

Balcony solar set 410Wp - for round balusters. Use your own solar power easily and without a permit (subject to registration). In Switzerland, you may feed up to 600W of solar energy into the household grid without a permit. This is then consumed directly by the connected appliances. This means that less energy is purchased from the electricity grid. Surplus energy is fed back into the grid. All you need is a socket on the balcony and a railing that is suitable for mounting. The BalconySolar Set offers you all the components you need: Permit-free mains inverter with 600W. 2 MPPT trackers with 210 - 400W each. 1x Solarpanels Mono Shingle 410Wp. 1x SolarHook BalconySolar Mounting Set - Typ_r. And this is how it works: Attach the solar panels to your suitable balcony railing using the SolarHook mounting system. Mount the Sun MicroInverter and connect it to the solar panels with the solar cable. Report to the electricity company with a declaration of conformity. Connect the accessory connection cable (please order also) to the Sun Micro inverter and connect it to the balcony socket. 

4. Autosolar Complete package

A complete system set, including charger, inverter, cable, plug, mounting material, lithium batteries and two flexible 160W solar panels to make coffee everywhere. The 300 watt solar system is powerful enough for about 1'400Wh per day.

5. Autarking Island plant allotment

Self-sufficient island system allotment garden 175 Wp, 130 Ah. Supply your garden shed with independent power, 175 W BlueSolar monocrystalline solar panel. Victron Phoenix 12/500 VE inverter with 400 W continuous current output at 230 V 50 Hz sinusoidal voltage. Victron Smart Solar MPPT 75/15 charge controller. Energy storage: 1x gel battery 12 V, 130 Ah. Including 10 m solar cable, DC cable and 60 A fuse. Victron Phoenix 12/500 VE Inverter. The Victron The Victron Phoenix 12/500 VE.Direct is a small sine wave inverter with 400 W continuous power. For short periods it can deliver up to 900 W to supply high inrush currents of LED lighting, electrical appliances or motors. The Phoenix 12/500 VE.Direct is suitable for connection to batteries with 12 V DC and converts them into a pure 230 V sine AC voltage. With an efficiency of 90%, it is one of the devices in its class. Via the VE.Direct connection, the device can be connected to a computer or smartphone and various parameters can be configured. Victron Smart Solar MPPT charge controller. A solar charger is supplied with energy via solar modules and then stores it in batteries. Using progressive technology, the BlueSolar charge controller maximises this energy production and intelligently directs it to fully charge the batteries in as short a time as possible. The device maintains the battery's functionality and thus prolongs its life. By continuously monitoring the voltage and current output of your solar modules, the technology of the BlueSolar MPPT ensures that all the energy that is available is really being extracted from the modules and stored. The advantage of this is most noticeable when the sky is partially overcast and the light intensity is constantly changing. Efficient use of solar energy with monocrystalline solar cells. This solar module is composed of monocrystalline cells; it therefore contains pure crystalline silicon. If you only have a relatively small south-facing roof surface available, then solar power production with monocrystalline modules is the ideal solution: of the various types of photovoltaic modules available, monocrystalline ones are the most effective, both in direct sunlight and in low light. This means you get the maximum amount of electricity from a small footprint and cover your entire consumption - even if it should be relatively high - with environmentally friendly self-production. Scope of delivery: GEL battery 12 V 130 Ah. Inverter Victron Phoenix 12/500 VE. Charge controller Victron Smart Solar MPPT 75/15. 175 W BlueSolar monocrystalline solar panel. DC mega fuse 60 A. 2x 10 m SOlar cable (6 mm2). DC cable 1.5 m (16 mm2) with M8 cable lug. DC cable 1.5 m (6 mm2) with M8 cable lug. 

6. Revolt Solar module connection cable MC4

For quick connection: Connect your solar panel with MC4 connector in no time at all to solar converters and other compatible devices that have a hollow plug socket. More power through series and parallel connection: Depending on the components used in your PV system, two or more solar panels can be connected together for increased power. You can connect several solar panels either in series, parallel or a combination of series and parallel connection. Note: Installation only by persons with relevant electrical engineering knowledge and experience!

Connection cable for solar panels
MC4 plug: for connection to a solar panel
Hollow plug adapters: 8 x 0.9 mm, 5.2 x 2.5 mm, 3.5 x 1.35 mm, for connection to a charge controller or other compatible devices
Rated voltage: 300 volts, rated current: 15 A
Temperature range: -40 °C to 80 °C
Weatherproof: IP65
Length: 2 m, weight: 105 g.

7. Revolt 1140 W balcony solar system

Saving electricity costs made easy: thanks to this complete solar power package for your home! Simply connect the Solapanels to the micro-inverter and connect it to your household power grid via a suitable socket, e.g. a Wieland feed-in socket. The solar electricity generated will then help to operate your appliances - whether washing machine, dryer or refrigerator. As a result, the electricity demand from your supplier is reduced and you save money. On-grid system with electricity for your own household: Simply feed solar electricity into your 230 V household grid via the Wieland plug of your new micro inverter. This way, you make yourself independent of rising energy prices and are optimally supplied with environmentally friendly electricity.Keep control via app - even worldwide: Control all functions directly on the display of your smartphone and tablet PC. For example, you can check at any time how much electricity your solar module is currently generating and compare it with values from the last few days or months.Meets the highest safety standards: Your new WLAN inverter has been tested according to VDE standards and application rules and thus meets the highest protection and safety requirements.
Note: Installation must be carried out by a qualified electrician! Please also observe the requirements of your grid operator and local legal regulations.

Micro inverter including WLAN antenna, 3x monocrystalline solar panel with connection cable, RST20i3 plug connector and German manual
WLAN microinverter:
For direct mounting on the solar panel
Ideal for balcony power plants and mini solar systems
On-grid system: suitable for feeding power into the 230 V household grid via Wieland plug-in connector
Up to 4 identical WLAN inverters can be connected together
Integrated MPPT charge controller for up to 4 solar panel units (connection of 6 panels and more is done by series and/or parallel connection, depending on the number of panels): particularly efficient power output
Tested according to VDE standards and application rules
Free app for iOS and Android: for worldwide control and data insight
WiFi compatible: for WLAN standards IEEE 802.11b/g/n (2.4 GHz)
Waterproof: IP67
Connectors: MC4 connector for solar panel connection, Wieland connector for power feed-in
Maximum efficiency: 96.5
Ambient temperature: -40 to +65 °C
For up to 4 solar panels with 20 - 60 volts DC each, 210 - 400 watts / 19.5 A
Maximum output power: 1,300 watts
Output voltage: 230 volts AC, current: max. 5.7 A
Dimensions: 300 x 267 x 43 mm, weight: 5,200 g
Solar panel:
Solar panel with state-of-the-art half-cell technology
Very high efficiency: 20.86
120 monocrystalline solar half-cells for high efficiency and long service life
3 bypass diodes: ensure optimum current yield and prevent defects
Power (Pmax): 380 watts
Power tolerance: +/- 5
Max. Mains voltage (Vmp): 34.6 V
Open-circuit voltage (Voc): 41.4 V
Max. Current (Imp): 10.98 A
Short-circuit current (Isc): 11.48 A
Max. system voltage: 1,500 V
Class A
Waterproof: IP68
Snow load front: 5,400 PA
Wind load rear: 2,400 PA
Number of solar modules in series connection: up to 35
Number of solar modules connected in parallel: unlimited
Connection cable with MC4 plug: length 1 m, cross-section: 4 mm2
Dimensions: 103.8 x 175.5 x 3 cm, weight: 20 kg - Solar panel balcony.

8. Revolt Set of 2 Adjustable Aluminium Solar Panel Bracket

Your solar panel mounted safely and quickly: You can screw your new solar panel holder together and then to your solar panel in just a few steps. With a few more steps, you have installed it in the desired position. Your solar panel is already securely fastened and reliably supplies you with solar energy.Variable mounting: Install the holder with solar panel either horizontally or vertically. You can also adjust the angle to your needs in 5 steps.

Adjustable aluminium solar panel mount with 28" / 71 cm
Suitable for horizontal and vertical installation
Fits 60 watt, 110 watt and 150 watt solar panels
Withstands wind forces up to 32 m/sec.
Mounting angle variably adjustable: in 5°-steps
Load capacity: 120 kg
Material frame: aluminium, screws: stainless steel
Dimensions (folded frame): 710 x 60 x 43 mm, weight: 1.75 kg
2 brackets each including aluminium profile perforated plates, locking plates, M8 screws, M6 screws, self-tapping screws and German instructions.

9. Revolt WLAN Microinverter

Control your solar modules decentrally and precisely: With your new WLAN microinverter, you get the maximum energy out of each individual solar module - thanks to individual control and maximum power point tracking (MPPT) for particularly high efficiency. Simply connect up to 4 identical microinverters together. Reduces negative effects of shade and dust: Not every solar module gets the same amount of sun at all times. Sometimes one is partially in the shade, sometimes dirt and dust has settled on another. This reduces the efficiency of your solar system. Thanks to flexible control via microinverter, you can still ensure optimum energy yield.On-grid system with electricity for your own household: simply feed solar power into your 230 V household grid via the Betteri plug of your new microinverter. Also charge batteries and other energy storage devices. In this way, you make yourself independent of rising energy prices and are optimally supplied with environmentally friendly electricity.Keep control via app - even worldwide: control all functions directly on the display of your smartphone and tablet PC.For example, check at any time how much electricity your solar module is currently generating and compare it with values from the last few days or months.Meets the highest safety standards: Your new WLAN microinverter is VDS-certified and thus meets the highest protection and security requirements. Note: Installation must be carried out by a qualified electrical contractor. Please also observe the requirements of your network operator and local legal regulations. WLAN microinverter for individual control of solar modules: for direct mounting on the solar panel. Ideal for balcony power plants and mini solar systems. On-grid system: suitable for feeding power into the 230 V household grid via Wieland plug and for charging batteries and energy storage units. Up to 4 identical WLAN microinverters can be connected together. Integrated MPPT charge controller for particularly efficient current yield. VDE-certified: meets the highest safety standards. Free app for iOS and Android: for worldwide control and data insight. WiFi compatible: for WLAN standards IEEE 802.11b/g/n (2.4 GHz). Waterproof: IP67. Connectors: MC4 connector for solar panel connection, Betteri connector for power feed. Maximum efficiency: 96.5%. Ambient temperature: -40 to +65 °C. Maximum PV power: 1,300 W. Microinverter including WLAN antenna and German manual. 

10. Revolt Set of 2 T-plug adapters

Save yourself unnecessary cable tangle and connect 4 solar modules in parallel conveniently and time-savingly. The simple click system of the T-connectors makes the parallel connection of solar modules child's play and eliminates cumbersome cable fumbling.

Set of 2 consisting of one male and one female plug
Easy-click closure for secure engagement of the connectors
Ideal for 12-volt systems and thin-film
Waterproof: IP67 (mated)
Weather-resistant and UV-resistant
Suitable for system voltages up to 1,500 volts
Supported current: max. 50 A
Dimensions: 110 x 85 x 18 m, weight: 180 g.