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Solar panels

A solar panel consists of many individual solar cells. With the help of these solar cells, the radiant energy of sunlight can be converted into electrical energy. If several of these panels are coupled, the term photovoltaic system is also used. There is a risk of confusion with the so-called solar collectors, which merely generate process heat by collecting sunlight and storing it in boilers. In principle, a distinction is made between two different types of solar panels in private applications: The more expensive, more efficient and rather black monocrystalline modules and the bluish polycrystalline modules. Which technology is best for you depends on the available space, the solar radiation and the temperature. The products on offer can be used wherever there is no power socket. For example, for lighting in the garden or for charging your batteries and devices when camping.

This is what the ideal setup looks like
When setting up your solar panels, the following rule applies: the more direct light there is, the more electricity is generated. If you install the system permanently, make sure that the panels are aligned as far south as possible and that no objects block the sun's rays. For smaller and more mobile systems, you can simply place them in a sunny location and align them with the sun.

What should I look for when buying?
When buying a solar panel, you should consider where and how you want to use it. If it will be used outdoors, you should make sure that the product is weatherproof. How mobile does the system need to be? If you want to take it on a camping trip, you should make sure that it is flexible or even foldable. Use the filter "Solar panel design". You can further narrow down your search with the filters "length", "width" and "height". If you want to make sure that the solar panel is compatible with a specific end device, it is best to use the filters for "rated power" and "rated current (MPP)".

With a suitable solar panel, nothing stands in the way of the next barbecue party in the garden. In the range you will find a variety of products in different designs, including products from well-known suppliers such as EcoFlow, Goal Zero and Aukey. Find a suitable system for every desired application with a power range from less than 1 watt to several hundred watts.