Best products in the Printing paper category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. HP Home & Office

HP Home & Office is a paper with an excellent ratio for a variety of daily printing needs. Suitable for inkjet printers, copiers and fax machines.

2. Papyrus Plano Speed

Good running properties. Pleasant whiteness, attractive price-performance ratio. Ideal for high print volumes.

3. HP Office

Multifunctional office paper with excellent runnability. Suitable for all copiers, laser, fax, inkjet and digital printing systems.

4. MM Bloom Essential

5. Papeteria Copy paper go green

The universal copying paper for all office equipment: copiers, laser printers, inkjet printers, plain paper faxes.

Papeteria Copy paper go green (A4, 80 g/m², 500 x)
Printing paper

Papeteria Copy paper go green

A4, 80 g/m², 500 x


6. HP Premium FSC

Premium paper is part of HP's optimised paper range, replacing the popular HP All-in-One, HP Bright White and HP Printing papers.HP Premium is a bright white, multifunctional office paper for a premium look and feel. Whiter and brighter than regular office papers, it's also heavier and thicker, with an optimized stiffness level. Designed for premium performance for both inkjet and laser printers. Ideal for presentations, proposals and other business documents that require color and a professional appearance. Colorlok technology provides extra fast ink drying, deeper blacks and brilliant colours, as well as crisp text and excellent black and white contrast. 

7. Papeteria High White Premium, from 5 pieces

- Premium Paper
- FSC quality.

Papeteria High White Premium, from 5 pieces (A4, 160 g/m², 125 x)
Printing paper

Papeteria High White Premium, from 5 pieces

A4, 160 g/m², 125 x


8. Mondi colour copy

Color Copy is the leading digital colour printing paper, offering unbeatable quality from A4 to the full range of digital printing formats. In digital printing in particular, Color Copy delivers razor-sharp print quality and brilliant colour reproduction for impressive results, while doing a great job every day. Just like you.

They've been producing Color Copy since 1989, year after year. Day after day. And their customers wouldn't do anything about it. Because Color Copy delivers first-class results day after day, all over the world, every time. Brilliant, true-to-original colours - every time. Pin sharp - every time. Environmentally friendly - every time.

In times of change it can sometimes be better that things stay the way they are. We prove this with every single print - every time.

9. Navigator Expression

Excellent print contrast for outstanding ink lift for high quality color documents. Microporous surface for fast ink drying and accurate absorption for high-resolution images. Prevents print show-through and sheet waviness while providing accurate character definition. Excellent print quality in inkjet printing due to smarter ink absorption. Extra smooth surface. Extends the life of office equipment while reducing toner consumption. 

10. Navigator Universal

Reliable performance that always delivers. Increased productivity: 99.99% paper jam free. Special surface treatment: Provides excellent print quality on the inkjet due to smarter ink absorption. Multifunctional: For all printers and copiers. Navigator can be used for all your documents. Silky grip: Extra smooth surface. Improves the life of office equipment while reducing toner consumption.