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Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. EcoFlow Delta 2

This Power Station is delivered according to CH standards, which is why only one AC socket is available. There may therefore be slight deviations from the pictures. Expandable capacity -1-3 kWh expandable capacity to suit your requirements. Double your capacity to 2,048 Wh with the DELTA 2 add-on battery, or use the Delta Max add-on battery to reach 3,040 Wh. Ideal as an emergency power supply for household appliances. Gigantic AC output power -The 1,800 W AC output power is enough for more than 90% of your household appliances. You can also connect up to 13 appliances simultaneously. Unlike other brands, DELTA 2 can prevent overloading from appliances up to 2,400 W thanks to X-Boost technology. 7 times faster AC charging -Thanks to X-Stream technology, Delta 2 charges 7 times faster than comparable competitor products. With AC charging, the charging time from 0 to 80% is only 50 minutes, and from 0 to 100% only 80 minutes. Green energy without sacrificing - Connect portable solar panels and charge up to 500 W of power in just 3 hours, regardless of location. Up to 6 times longer life -They can be used daily for 10 years until they reach 80% of their original capacity. This is due to the LiFePO4 battery chemistry that allows more than 3000 cycles. Everything under control, from anywhere -Use the EcoFlow app to control your Delta 2 from anywhere via Wi-Fi. Use a Bluetooth connection when no network is available. In both cases, you can check charging data, adjust settings and change charging speed with ease. 

2. Xtorm XP070

Have you ever wanted access to an AC socket even when you're not at home? With the Xtorm Portable Power Socket 70, you have access to a powerful 70W AC socket wherever you are. The design is adapted to the regulations in aeroplanes. So you can easily take this power bank with you around the world.

Numerous connection options - always the power you need.
The Power Station not only has a 70W AC output,
but also a regular USB output and a 30W USB-C PD input/output. This means you can charge almost anything wherever you go. The perfect powerbank for all your adventures.

Made for travellers
The powerbank is designed for travel and adventure. It has a 360° shock-absorbing rugged case and even the AC socket is protected from dirt and dust thanks to a specially designed cover.

Extreme power - anywhere
Whether you're going camping, travelling by car or simply visiting a faraway place, these days you need enough power to run all your devices, and the portable Power Socket does it all perfectly. Combine it with a solar panel and you can get by without a mains power supply, without having to do without your most important devices.

- 69 Wh / 19200 mAh
- 70 W AC output
- 30 W USB-C PD input and output
- 18 W Quick Charge 3.0 output
- 12 W USB output

3. EcoFlow Delta Max 2000

Emergency power for your household: Delta Max can be expanded to up to 6kWh with smart add-on batteries, so your home is powered in any emergency. Dual fast charge: Charge your Delta Max from 0-80% in just 65 minutes. Or achieve up to 3400W of power by combining AC charging with the EcoFlow Smart Generator. Power multiple appliances: Looking for a solution to power powerful appliances like your fridge and dryer at the same time? With the X-Boost feature, Delta Max handles appliances up to 3400 W with ease. Portable solar generator: Stay powered no matter what. The Delta Max can be connected to up to 2 EcoFlow solar panels, each rated at 400 W, for a maximum solar charging speed of 800 W. The solar charging cable is not supplied with this product. 

4. Jackery Explorer 240

Mobile power storage with 230 V socket. 240 Wh 14.4 V 16.8 Ah. Output power of 200 W. Pure sine wave alternating current output. 12 V car connection and 2 USB ports. LCD display to show input power, output power and remaining battery power. 8 mm DC solar port for optional solar panel. With the entry-level Explorer 240 portable power station, you can enjoy the good times on the go worry-free and easily charge and use smartphones, tablets, laptops, electric blankets as well as cameras. It is an ideal mobile power solution for those who need power when going out or for mobile work. When combined with the optional SolarSaga 100 solar panel (sold separately), the Explorer 240 functions as a solar generator, providing self-sufficient power for RV travel, camping, fishing, and more. Self-sufficient power supply. Thanks to the integrated MPPT charge controller, the SolarSaga 100 solar panel (sold separately) can easily absorb solar energy and recharge the power station within approximately 5.5 hours. 

5. Aukey PowerStudio 300

Thanks to the elegant PowerStudio, which weighs only 3.6 kg, you can power all your devices at the same time. Whether it's video equipment, lighting devices or drones, the PowerStudio ensures that you are always ready for action. Lithium-ion battery with 281 Wh capacity.

1x 230 V AC Schuko socket (300W socket).
1x USB-C PowerDelivery as input and output, up to 100W
4x USB-A socket
12V automotive socket
2x 5.5mm DC beech (12 V DC, 5 A, 60 W)

The Powerstation can be charged via mains adapter, car, DC jack, solar panel or USB-C. Supports double charging (Double Helix Charging) with AC adapter and PD charger. Clear and easy to read display. For use in the garden and outdoors. 2 ports for simultaneous power supply for fast charging. Light included in case of power failure.

6. Jackery Explorer 500

Mobile power storage with 230 V socket. 518 Wh 21.6 V 24 Ah. Output power of 500 W. Pure sine wave alternating current output. 12 V car connection and 3 USB connections. LCD display to show input power, output power and remaining battery power. 8 mm DC solar port for optional solar panel. The Explorer 500 offers power-to-go in a compact, lightweight design with plenty of ports to charge your essential gear and more. You're not tied to a cord or outlet anywhere and can enjoy the great outdoors and power devices like blenders, projectors and survey instruments without worry. The Explorer 500 can also be used as a backup power supply for the home in the event of a power outage. It can provide power to run your lamps, laptops, phones, small refrigerators, CPAP and other devices. Self-sufficient power supply. Explorer 500 Powerstation works perfectly as a solar generator with SolarSaga 100 solar panel (sold separately). Explorer 500's built-in MPPT technology provides faster charging with solar energy. By connecting the SolarSaga 100, the Explorer 500 can be charged in approximately 9.5 hrs in full sun. So you have an unlimited power source and can be self-sufficient on the road without worry. 

7. Energizer PPS 240W2 CH version

Für Smartphones, Tablets, Kleingeräte & mehr: PPS240W2 bietet 72.000mAh Kapazität mit 1x 150W AC Ausgang, 1x 60W USB-C PD, 2x USB-A, 2x DC Ausgänge, eine Beleuchtungsfunktion mit verschiedenen Modi basierend auf Ihrer Nutzung, wann immer Sie brauchen. AC-Ausgang mit bis zu 150 W, die kleine und tragbare Geräte wie einen mobilen Kühlschrank, kleinen Ventilator, Mini-Entsafter, TV-Monitor und so weiter versorgen kann. Mit der 60W USB-C Power Delivery-Technologie und dem intelligenten 18-W-USB-A-Ausgang können Sie die neuen iPhones, Samsung und andere USB-C- oder Android-Geräte schnell aufladen. Die ultimativste Ladelösung mit 230.4wh und 72000mAh hoher Kapazität. Gebaut mit 1x 150W AC-Steckdose, 1x 60W USB-C PD, 2x USB-A, 2x DC Ausgängen, einer Beleuchtungsfunktion mit verschiedenen Modi basierend auf Ihrer Nutzung, wann immer Sie brauchen.. LiFePO4-Batteriezelle, die bis zu 2.000 Mal aufgeladen werden kann, fortschrittlicher als andere PPS auf dem Markt. 60W USB-C Power Delivery und 18W Smart USB-A Ausgang, der die neuen iPhones, Samsung und andere USB-C- oder Android-Geräte, Nintendo Switch und Laptops schnell aufladen kann. Die LCD-Anzeige zeigt den Akkustand und den Ladestatus an, einschliesslich der inneren Arbeitstemperatur. PPS240 ist so leicht wie 3,3 kg und perfekt für Camping und Outdoor-Aktivitäten. Mit der neuesten Wärmesteuerungstechnologie, mit automatischem Luftkanaldesign und präzisem Chip zur Wärmeableitung (einschliesslich eingebautem Kühlventilator). Die MTTP-Technologie maximiert die Leistungsspannung beim DC- bis DC-Ladevorgang, sodass das Solarpanel die Batterie effizient aufladen kann. 

8. Jackery Explorer

Explorer 1000 is the ultimate premium class power bank with large capacity in 1002Wh. It is suitable for more than 90% of all appliances such as TV, electric fan, electric grill, stand mixer, drill, car fridge, car hoover, etc. The ideal companion for travelling, camping, in the garden or as an emergency power supply. Built-in Anderson input, Explorer 1000 Portable Power Station can be connected to 2 x Solar Saga 100W solar panels (not included) through a Solar Saga Y-parallel cable (included) and is fully charged quickly within 8 hours. The high quality lithium-ion battery with long life provides enough power for the two 230V/1000W sockets (peak 2000W) , 3 USB-A ports and the 12V car socket. Easy to charge with solar panel, mains adapter or in the car. The battery also serves as a solar generator with integrated solar charge controller with MPPT technology for maximum charging efficiency. The BMS battery management system includes overheat protection, short circuit protection, overcurrent protection and overcharge protection, for maximum safety. Jackery specialises in sustainable outdoor power solutions. Product design is winner of the Red Dot Award 2016 and thus enjoys highest popularity among hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide. The item is delivered according to CH standards, which is why only one AC socket is available. 

9. EcoFlow Delta Pro (EU)

Portable battery for the home The Delta Pro offers a capacity of 3.6 kWh, which can be expanded up to 25 kWh. The icing on the cake? You can connect it directly to your power grid at home via the Smart Home Panel. Ideal power supply for your home. Charge just about anything with it The Delta Pro sets the tone in the industry when it comes to AC power. With 3600 W, you can power energy-intensive appliances like dryers, AC units and more. Need even more power? Use two units with Smart Home Panel to get an extra-high 7200 W. An expandable system Delta Pro is more than just a portable power station. It can be expanded with spare batteries, smart generators and even the Smart Home Panel. Control everything with the Delta Pro Remote Control or from your mobile devices with the EcoFlow app. Portable power stations with the world's fastest charging time Delta Pro can be charged in six different ways. It is the first power station that can be charged via an electric vehicle charging station and can achieve a 6500W charge using Multicharge. This is the gold standard in the industry. Included in delivery: 1.Delta Pro 2.AC charging cable 3.Car charging cable 4.DC5521 to DC5525 cable 5.Handle cover 6.User manual 

10. Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro

Mobile power storage and solar generator with 230 V Schuko sockets. 1002 Wh Li-Ion NMC battery. 230 V Schuko socket with pure sine wave alternating current (1000 W continuous, 2000 W peak). Can be fully charged within 1.8 hours with AC adapter or 4x SolarSaga 200 solar panels. Low weight of 11.5 kg. 2x USB-C PD ports with 100 W power each, ideal for charging laptops and other mobile devices. Low self-discharge rate allows for one year of storage at 80% battery level. The Jackery Power Station Explorer 1000 Pro is equipped with an ultra-charging system. It takes only 1.8 hours to fully charge when charged from a wall socket or with four SolarSaga 200 W solar panels. The low self-discharge rate allows 365 days of operation at a battery level of 80%. The battery has 1,002 Wh capacity with an output power of 1,000 W (2,000 W peak power). Weighing just under 11.5 kg and with a foldable handle design, the device offers a comfortable experience on the go. A noise level of 46 dB ensures super-quiet charging, and the Smart Screen Display provides a crystal-clear display. Additionally, there are three LED light modes - low, high and SOS - suitable for outdoor and emergency use. The 2x USB-C and 2x 100 W PD ports deliver a constant and fast power supply for important devices such as smartphones, iPads, laptops and drones. It is also equipped with additional interfaces: 800W Max AC and solar input, 2 x 1000W AC outputs, USB A and DC car charger. All-round reliability with premium BMS. The pure sine wave inverter delivers stable power that protects against equipment damage and meets international standards. The product is manufactured with 94 V-0 fire protection materials and features a vehicle-grade battery management system (BMS) for extremely long battery life. Only 2-pin plugs may be connected to the 230 V Schuko AC socket (EU). Multiple plugs, socket strips or cable reels are not permitted. The item is delivered approximately, as close as possible to the CH standards, which is why only one 230 V Schuko AC socket (EU) is available. The other connections are firmly closed with a black Schuko (EU) socket cap. The item may therefore differ slightly from the pictures. If you have any questions, please contact our sales department.