Top-rated products in the Multimeter category

Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Testo Multi data logger 174H Measured variable

Robust and compact measuring device for recording temperature and relative humidity.

Testo Multi data logger 174H Measured variable

Testo Multi data logger 174H Measured variable


2. Testo Multi data logger Saveris 2-H1

Monitor your temperatures and humidity in storage, cooling and work rooms with the testo Saveris 2-H1 WLAN data logger system. The temperature and humidity values measured with the integrated sensor are recorded reliably even over long periods of time and sent directly via your WLAN to the testo cloud (online data storage). With your Internet-capable smartphone, tablet or PC, you can call up these measured values anytime and anywhere. If limit values are exceeded or undercut, you are informed by e-mail or SMS and can react quickly if necessary. 

Testo Multi data logger Saveris 2-H1

Testo Multi data logger Saveris 2-H1


3. InLine Multimeter

The meter is a digital handheld multimeter with 3.5 digit display for measuring DC and AC voltages, DC current, resistance, diodes, temperature and continuity test. 9V battery not included. 

4. SW-Stahl digital multimeter

The SW steel 32230L digital multimeter is the ideal aid for measurements and maintenance work on vehicle electrics as well as for quiescent current testing. With measuring ranges from 200v-600v at AC voltage, 200mv-600v at DC voltage, as well as a general current measuring range from 0, 2 to 10A and again at 0, 2 - 2000 kω this multimeter is universally applicable. Ceramic fuses (20 mm long, 5 mm diameter, 500 V, 250 mA/10A) and a measuring cable with touch protection also ensure safety when working with the multimeter. The automatic overflow and polar day display warns you reliably and helps you to avoid possible mistakes. Temperatures from -20° C to +120° C can be measured with the temperature probe. With the "hold" button, the measured value can be recorded on the display so that you can concentrate on the measuring point and then read the value. 

5. Joy-it USB Volt-/Ampermeter

The TC66C is a small but multifunctional USB-C multimeter. Supporting current Quick Charge standards, it can also be easily used in conjunction with current handheld hardware. 

6. InLine Multimeter 5 in 1

The 5-in-1 multimeter combines not only the standard electrical measurement variables but also temperature, humidity, brightness and volume measurement in one device.

7. Technocraft Digital Multitester

Digital multitester with 7 test functions, LCD display.

8. Voltcraft VC131 Digital Multimeter

The Voltcraft VC131 handheld multimeter is your rugged entry-level instrument for many measurement tasks. The manual measuring range selection enables measurement and measured value display with a specified resolution. With the voltage measuring range up to 600 V, you can also perform professional tasks reliably and safely. Other performance features such as resistance measurement, diode and continuity test and the hold function testify to the high level of technology of your measuring instrument. Reliable measurement results with factory calibration As part of quality assurance, a factory standard calibration is performed for all Voltcraft meters in the production of the meter. This ensures high quality and compliance with the tolerance limits as specified in the technical data of the operating instructions. A certificate is not issued in this process. 

Voltcraft VC131 Digital Multimeter (CAT III 600V)

Voltcraft VC131 Digital Multimeter



9. InLine Multimeter 3-in-1

The 3-in-1 Digital Multimeter is designed to combine the functions of a digital multimeter, a tester for modular and network cables and for measuring batteries.

10. Beha Amprobe Bipolar voltage tester true effective 2100 with current measurement

This rugged voltage tester has numerous functions, including current measurement. With safety specifications according to CAT III 1000 V/CAT IV 600 V measurement categories, it is the ideal product for troubleshooting in industrial and commercial environments. You can take readings for voltage, amperage, resistance, continuity and frequency with a single instrument. Test probes can be securely attached to the top of the unit's housing when you're testing voltage, so you have one hand free. With the 2100-Delta, you can easily measure currents up to 200 A AC without breaking the circuit by sliding the open current clamp over the conductor. And of course, like the 2100-Alpha, 2100-Beta and 2100-Gamma, the 2100-Delta is equipped with high-quality components for reliable operation. It has IP 64 protection, meets the requirements of EN 61243-3:2014 and is GS approved.Non-contact detector for line breaks via the electric fieldThe non-contact detector for line breaks via the electric field is ideal for detecting the exact position of breaks in phase conductors.Hold the voltage tester so that the sensor is facing the line or cable to be tested. The voltage tester digitally displays the signal strength on the LC display.Easy electrical troubleshootingThe 13 mm aperture pliers allow you to quickly check currents and loads during maintenance or troubleshooting of electrical equipment.Measuring tip protective cover with accessory storageStore the 4 mm measuring tip extensions and GS38 protective caps here until needed. The tip of the measuring tip protective cover makes it easier to open the safety sockets used in the UK. 

Beha Amprobe Bipolar voltage tester true effective 2100 with current measurement (CAT IV 600V, CAT III 1000V)

Beha Amprobe Bipolar voltage tester true effective 2100 with current measurement

CAT IV 600V, CAT III 1000V