Best Duracell products in the Batteries category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Duracell products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Duracell Plus

With up to 100% longer life, Duracell PLUS is particularly suitable for digital cameras, photo flashes, toys or portable speakers, as well as for frequently used devices such as flashlights, portable game controllers, razors or toothbrushes. 

Duracell Plus (20 pcs., AAA)

Duracell Plus

20 pcs., AAA

2. Duracell Plus Power

Duracell Plus Power provides reliable and lasting performance for a variety of everyday devices. High power output, reliability and long shelf life Ideal for daily use power for your remote controls, CD players, motorized toys, flashlights. 

Duracell Plus Power (4 pcs., 9V)

Duracell Plus Power

4 pcs., 9V

3. Duracell Batterie Plus AAA

Reliable and long-lasting Duracell Plus battery is ideal for powering a wide range of everyday devices. With up to 100% longer life, Duracell PLUS is particularly suitable for digital cameras, photo flashes, toys or portable speakers, as well as for frequently used devices such as torches, portable game controllers, razors or toothbrushes. 

Duracell Batterie Plus AAA (16 pcs., AAA)

Duracell Batterie Plus AAA

16 pcs., AAA

4. Duracell High Power Lithium

Rely on Duracell's durable Ultra Lithium 123 special batteries designed to power your digital cameras, flashes, portable lights, medical devices (portable O2 analyzers), security devices (electronic lockout), and various other electronic devices (laser pointers, microphones, night vision). The Duralock technology maintains the power of the battery for up to 10 years in the stored state. 

Duracell High Power Lithium (2 pcs., CR123A, 1400 mAh)
Quantity discount
13.30per piece for 2 units6.65/1pcs.

Duracell High Power Lithium

2 pcs., CR123A, 1400 mAh

5. Duracell CR2032

High-quality button cells for electronic devices such as watches, calculators, electronic books and toys.

Duracell CR2032 (4 pcs., CR2032, 220 mAh)
Quantity discount
5.80per piece for 3 units1.45/1pcs.

Duracell CR2032

4 pcs., CR2032, 220 mAh

6. Duracell Recharge Ultra

Duracell Recharge Ultra AAA batteries can be recharged 400 times and thanks to their long-life ion core, each battery gives you fantastic performance. And what's more, they are delivered in a charged state, so you can power your devices immediately and they will stay charged for up to 12 months when not in use. In addition, unused Duracell batteries are covered by a 5-year warranty. These powerful NiMH batteries can be charged with any NiMH charger. With its longer lasting charge and fewer charges, Duracell Recharge Ultra batteries really stand out from the rest. 

Duracell Recharge Ultra (4 pcs., AAA, 900 mAh)

Duracell Recharge Ultra

4 pcs., AAA, 900 mAh

7. Duracell Electronics 2450

Duracell Specialty 2450 lithium button cells consist of high-purity lithium with up to 40% more power for your special devices. Duralock Power Preserve technology gives you up to 10 years of stock guarantee, so you can be confident that these lithium button cells are ready to use when you need them. In order to guarantee the safety of your children, they have been developed with a packaging for child safety: a tamper-proof package with double blisters that a child cannot open without scissors. They are designed for use in key rings, small remote controls, scales, wearables, sensors, medical devices (blood glucose meters, digital thermometers), sports equipment (heart rate monitors, bicycle accessories). 

Duracell Electronics 2450 (1 pcs., CR2450, 620 mAh)

Duracell Electronics 2450

1 pcs., CR2450, 620 mAh

8. Duracell Electronics

Duracell High Power Lithium CR2 batteries are made of high-purity lithium for reliable, long-lasting performance for smart home devices (sensors, keyless locks, smoke detectors), flash, torches, bicycle accessories and electronic dog collars. Duralock Power Preserve technology gives you a storage guarantee of up to 10 years, so you can be sure these lithium batteries are ready to use when you need them. 

Duracell Electronics (2 pcs., CR2, 800 mAh)
Quantity discount
11.–per piece for 2 units5.50/1pcs.

Duracell Electronics

2 pcs., CR2, 800 mAh

9. Duracell Lithium Button Cells

This small button battery has as much power and energy as a giant! The Duracell CR2032 has a capacity of 230mAh, the voltage is 3 V and due to the long storage time of up to 10 years it can be bought well on stock. This power pack supplies your car keys, remote control, garage door opener, pocket calculator or cameras optimally with the necessary energy. 

Duracell Lithium Button Cells (2 pcs., CR2032, 230 mAh)
Quantity discount
6.60per piece for 3 units3.30/1pcs.

Duracell Lithium Button Cells

2 pcs., CR2032, 230 mAh

10. Duracell Procell

Battery lithium, CR123A, 3V (137448).

Duracell Procell (10 pcs., CR123A)

Duracell Procell

10 pcs., CR123A