Thermal grease

In order to achieve the best possible heat transfer or heat dissipation away from the CPU or GPU, not only the components, fans and the housing itself are decisive, but also the contact medium used between cooler and heat source is important for optimum implementation. In addition to normal thermal conductive pastes, there are also 2-component thermal conductive adhesives, Peltier contact agents, liquid metals and indium films. We at digitec have specialised in thermal pads and thermal pastes as well as corresponding cleaning agents.

Alphacool, Aquatuning, Arctic, Cooler Master, Coollaboratory, Corsair, EKWB, Electrolube, Fischer, GELID, MG Chemicals, Noctua, Panasonic, PHOBYA, Prolimatech, RS Pro and Thermal Grizzly are some of the brands of which we have various products on offer.

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Thermal Grizzly - Kryonaut (1g, 12.50W/m K)

Arctic Silver - 5 (3.50g, 9W/m K)

Thermal Grizzly - Kryonaut (5.50g, 12.50W/m K)

Thermal Grizzly - Conductonaut Flüssigmetall (1g, 73W/m K)

Arctic - MX-4 (4g, 8.50W/m K)

Arctic - MX-2 - Wärmeleitpaste 2019 Edition (30g, 5.60W/m K)

PHOBYA - NanoGrease Extreme (3g, 16W/m K)

Thermal Grizzly - Kryonaut (11.10g, 12.50W/m K)

Coollaboratory - Liquid Pro Flüssigmetall (1g, 80W/m K)

Corsair - Wärmeleitpaste TM30 (3g, 3.80W/m K)

Cooler Master - MasterGel Maker (4g, 11W/m K)

Thermal Grizzly - Minus Pad 8 (8W/m K)

Cooler Master - IC Essential E1

GELID - GC Extreme (3.50g, 8.50W/m K)

Noctua - NT-H1

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