Soldering irons

Our kits provide an easy introduction to the life of single-board computers:|2960-18779:345350|2960-18779:299081. An increasingly popular topic is Internet of Things, which includes the automation of devices and homes. Such communication is also made possible by small computers: Of course such computers offer many possibilities for expansion and modification for almost any purpose. These can also be found with us. This allows the boards to be extended with functions such as displays, WLAN, infrared, etc. We also offer soldering equipment, measuring instruments and other accessories for all kinds of different projects.

Soldering devices help with the cabling and are indispensable for this. We offer you various articles of the brands Donau, Ironside, Velleman and Weller.

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CFH - Digitale Lötstation LD 48

Velleman - Regelbare Lötstation

Velleman - Regelbare Lötstation

Weller - WS 81 Soldering station, set

CFH - Elektrolötkolben LM E20

Velleman - VTSSC50N

CFH - Elektrolötkolben LM E15

Weller - WE 1010 Soldering Set 230 V F/G

Velleman - Lötstation mit LCD und keramischem Heizkörper

Velleman - Elektrisches Lötset

Campingaz - Soudogaz X 2000 PZ

Velleman - Keramischer Lötkolben 30W / 230V

Weller - Lötkolben 24 V 120 W Professio

Brenn-Peter - Firing pin Junior

Campingaz - Soldering device Soudogaz X 2000