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    5019C-WR: LGA1151, 2x500W NT
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    Supermicro 5019C-WR: LGA1151, 2x500W NT

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    Server barebones

    Similar to computers, servers also have so-called barebones, i.e. incompletely assembled PCs, which often consist only of a case, power supply, CPU fan and mainboard. Barebone comes from English and means as much as "bare bone" - such products are often referred to in expert circles as X-PCs or servers. Customers can then purchase the missing components as well as any additional software. Thus, the desired configuration is associated with less effort and costs and can only be put together according to requirements.

    At digitec you will find server barebones from Intel, Raidsonic, Silverstone and Supermicro. However, we are constantly expanding our range and you will be able to find an even larger assortment in the future.