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In electronics, a battery or voltaic cell is a combination of many electrochemical Galvanic cells of identical type to store chemical energy and to deliver higher voltage or higher current than with single cells.
The battery cells create a voltage difference between the terminals of each cell and hence to its combination in battery. When an external electrical circuit is connected to the battery, then the battery drives electrons through the circuit and electrical work is done. Since the invention of the first Voltaic pile in 1800 by Alessandro Volta, the battery has become a common power source for many household and industrial applications, and is now a multi-billion dollar industry.

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Varta - Recharge Accu Power (Battery, 4pcs., AAA, 1000mAh)

Varta - Recharge Accu Power (Battery, 8pcs., AA battery, 2100mAh)

Panasonic - eneloop pro (Battery, 4pcs., AA battery, 2500mAh)

Panasonic - eneloop (Battery, 8pcs., AAA, 750mAh)

Varta - Recharge Accu Power (Battery, 4pcs., AA battery, 2100mAh)

Varta - Recharge Accu Power (Battery, 4pcs., AAA, 800mAh)

Panasonic - eneloop (Battery, 8pcs., AA battery, 1900mAh)

Panasonic - eneloop pro Smart & Quick Charger BQ-CC55 (Battery + charger, 4pcs., AA battery, 2500mAh)

Varta - Recharge Accu Power (Battery, 4pcs., AA battery, 2600mAh)

Varta - LCD Plug Charger inkl. 4x AA & 4x AAA (Battery + charger, 8pcs., AA battery, AAA)

Varta - LCD MultiCharger (Chargers without battery)

Panasonic - eneloop 4x AA + 4x AAA (Battery, 8pcs., AA battery, AAA, 1900mAh)

Varta - LCD Universal Charger (Chargers without battery)

Varta - Recharge Accu Phone (Battery, 2pcs., AAA, 800mAh)

Panasonic - eneloop pro (Battery, 4pcs., AAA, 930mAh)