Paper notebooks

A personal notepad is something to take everywhere you go. No matter what you’re up to or where you are, you want to be able to write down your thoughts, ideas, projects or appointments immediately. These personal notes come from the heart and deserve a special place where they are written down. A place that appreciates personal ideas and where these thoughts can be taken up again and again. A place that stays and captures your thoughts forever: a notepad of high quality that lasts for a long time.

We have notepad covers in various colours. You can choose from different line styles and sizes as well as bookbindings in the matching colours with fixing rubbers so that your notebook holds together as well as with pen holders so that you always have your writing utensil with you.

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Paperblanks - Journey around the earth PB6498-5 (A5, Plain, hardcover)

Paperblanks - Celeste (A5, Lined, hardcover)

Paperblanks - Grolier (A5, Lined, hardcover)

Paperblanks - WEISSER FEUERSTEIN - Notizbücher (A4, Plain)

Paperblanks - PAPERBLAN Notizbuch Violet Fairy PB6511-1 Ultra,blanko, 144 Seiten (A5, Plain, hardcover)

Paperblanks - Pale pink (13 x 18 cm, Lined)

Paperblanks - Notizbuch Celeste 18 cm x 23 cm liniert (A5, Lined, soft cover)

Paperblanks - Safawidisch (A5, Lined)

Paperblanks - NOCTURNELLE - Notebook (A4, Lined)

Paperblanks - Notizbuch Gänseblumen (9.5 x 14 cm, Lined)

Paperblanks - Equinoxe (13 x 18 cm, Lined, hardcover)

Paperblanks - PAPERBLAN Notizbuch 20.000 Meilen PB6490-9 Ultra,liniert, 144 Seiten (18 x 23 cm, Lined)

Paperblanks - PAPERBLAN Notizbuch Butterfly FB6526-5 Midi,blanko, 176 Seiten (Plain)

Paperblanks - Carmine - Notebook (special, Lined)

Paperblanks - VIRIDIANGRÜN - Notizbuch (A5, Lined)