In the category Measurement Technology you will find everything you need for your electrical engineering and robotics projects, from multimeters, oscilloscopes and semiconductor testers to current clamps. You can find various measuring instruments of well-known brands like Donau, E-Design, Ikalogic, JYE Tech, Laserliner, MiniDSO, OEM, SparkFun and Velleman in our online shop. 

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Fluke - 62 MAX PLUS Infrared Thermometer (thermometers)

Instruments Direct - Black SuperFast Thermapen 4 (thermometers)

Lascar Electronics - Multi-Datenlogger EL-USB-2 Mes (thermometers)

Testo - Multi-data logger 174H (multimeter)

RS Pro - Mini Sound Level Meter with Bluetooth

Technocraft - Digital Voltage Detector

Laserliner - Laserliner EasyCross-Laser (Laser)

Fluke - LVD2 volt light (voltmeters)

Analog - Active Learning Module, USB Oscilloscope

Hanna Instruments - Conductivity CAL sachets,12880uS/cm

Fluke - Spannungstester 1AC II (voltmeters)

RS Pro - Temperature data logger with USB (thermometers)

Vigor - V2459 Refraktometer 3tlg. Kali

Testo - Multi data logger 174H Measured variable

Velleman - TLM3 Prüfspitzen Kroko zu Bananen-