Kitchen machines

Food processors from brands including KitchenAid, Kenwood or Bosch are great little helpers in the kitchen and can do heavy and unpleasant jobs in baking and cooking for you. Generally, blenders consist of a mixer and a mixing or collecting bowl. Their main function is usually to knead dough and whip cream. However, kitchen machines differ in terms of power, accessories included, the bowl volume and the individual functions.

Depending on the equipment, modern food processors are suitable for different jobs. In addition to their main function of kneading and stirring, they are also great for juicing, mixing and chopping, shredding and cutting, preparing meat and pasta. With various attachments, food processors are often multifunctional and can be used for a wide variety of tasks. The most common accessories are the blender attachment, the whisk element, the continuous slicer, the mincer, the dough hook, the grating disc, the whisk and the citrus press. Some food processors also offer additional features such as baking and cooking functions, LED displays, pulsing levels, timers or heat functions.

When buying a food processor, the desired functions and the price level are decisive. There are some alternatives under 100 francs, such as the Rotel PowerMix 441, which received a good score in the December 2020 Saldo test. The Saldo test winner Bosch MUM5 CreationLine is available for under 300 francs on Galaxus. However, if you value various specific functions and want a special design for your food processor, you will have to dig a little deeper into your pocket. Most kitchen machines from Kenwood and KitchenAid are in the higher price range, but offer their users a lot of expertise and aesthetics.

In addition to classic food processors, there are also blenders and mixers. These appliances are compact mini kitchen machines and score particularly well when it comes to cutting, grating, chopping and grating food. Some food processors have intelligent programming functions that allow the machine to combine all the steps independently and save its user time and tedious work. The containers and bowls of food processors are often smaller than those of food processors. Their smaller volume makes them suitable for smaller volumes and are a good choice for smaller households. However, if kneading and mixing dough is the main function of your machine, a classic food processor is the better choice, as food processors are best at handling small volume and are not as good at kneading dough.