Here you will find different keyboards for every application. On the one hand, we distinguish between cordless and wired keyboards.
Wireless keyboards are particularly
recommended for working on a notebook, as they offer more flexibility than wired keyboards. You can connect the keyboard directly with Bluetooth or, with some models, use the USB dongle included in the delivery. You can choose between a wireless or a wired keyboard via the Signal transmission filter.

On the other hand, a distinction is also made between different keyboard types.

An ergonomic keyboard provides relief for the forearm and ensures a more natural posture. They are particularly suitable for people who spend many hours a day at the computer or suffer from pre-existing hand or arm strain.

A good gaming keyboard has a particularly low response time. Most gamers prefer a gaming keyboard with mechanical keys. Often, RGB lighting effects are also built in to offer a nice gaming experience.

A mechanical keyboard generally gives you much better feedback about the keystroke. The nature of the switches means that you can usually feel and hear the exact point at which an input is registered. The advantage of mechanical keyboards is that you are much less likely to misspeak. The keyboards trigger exactly as you expect them to.

The office keyboard makes daily work on the PC or notebook much easier. A good fit and features such as programmable keys, ergonomic shape or lighting, depending on your needs, are crucial.

The universal keyboard can be used for everything, so to speak.

Browse through our range and find keyboards from brands like Logitech, Microsoft, Apple, Razer and many more.