Fan controllers

Fan controllers are used to control and precisely adjust the fans of the PC case and any other fans of radiators or the CPU cooler. This allows exact speeds and temperature values to be achieved and the individual components to be cooled extremely precisely.

We from digitec offer you controllers of the brands Aqua Computer, Corsair, Lamptron, LC-Power, Lian-Li, NZXT, Phanteks, Phobya, Scythe, Silverstone, Thermaltake and other manufacturers.

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Corsair - Commander Pro (External, 6x)

Thermaltake - Sync Controller TT Premium Edition (SATA, 9x)

Lamptron - FC5 V2 (5.25", 4x)

Aqua Computer - SPLITTY9 Splitter für bis zu 9 Lüfter oder aquabus-Geräte

PHOBYA - 4Pin PWM auf 4x 4Pin Splitter (External, 4x)

Lamptron - FC5 V3 (5.25", 6x)

Phanteks - Universal PWM-Lüfter-Hub (7x)

Aqua Computer - Aquaero 6 LT (12x)

LC-Power - LC Power Lüftersteuerung LC-CFC-1 AIRAZOR

Lamptron - SP105 Hub (SATA, 10x)

mCubed - FanController Dämpfungsglied/Attenuator für T-Balancer (Standard, 2x)

Lamptron - FC2 (5.25", 6x)

Lian-Li - PT-FN06B (5.25", 4x)

Silverstone - SST-FP59B (5.25", 1x)

PHOBYA - TPC Fan- oder Pump-Controller (5.25", 4x)

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