DarkGrey II HDMI (1.75m, HDMI)
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Inakustik DarkGrey II HDMI (1.75m, HDMI)

Rating on Inakustik DarkGrey II HDMI (1.75m, HDMI).

User mbarbos

Not exactly a 4k cable

I have bought this cable as I replaced my old receiver with a new one and I wanted to have HD sound and UHD image.
No mechanical problems with the cable but electrically it doesn't look too good: the receiver (Yamaha RX-V681) doesn't recognise the TV (a last year LG UHD) as a 4k TV. Ok, let's try the cable between the bluray and the receiver. Now the receiver doesn't recognise the HD sound from the bluray (neither DTS-HD MA, nor Dolby TrueHD). Let's connect the bluray directly to the TV. The HD sound is still not recognised as such by the TV but the bluray sometimes recognises the TV as 4k sometimes not (it recognises it about 1 out of 3).
I have also done these tests using another (older) HDMI 2.0 cable for comparison and all connections worked flawlessly.
Anyway the cable is not advertised as a HDMI 2.0 cable, it is only advertised as 4k compatible. That seems to be true, nothing got burnt because of the cable, I just lost half of the weekend.

Conclusion: a good HDMI 1.4 cable

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