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Suptronics X100 RPI Expansion Board V1.2

The board supplies RPi with a regulated +5V from a wide-range voltage source and also contains a real-time clock, a RS232 master port, a HDMI to VGA converter, 3-port USB hub, memory card reader...
Art-Nr 5998985
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The X100 expansion board designed for use on the Raspberry Pi (RPi)
computer platform. The board supplies RPi with a regulated +5V from a
wide-range voltage source and also contains a real-time clock, a RS232
master port, a HDMI to VGA converter, 3-port USB hub, memory card
reader, and 8-channel darlington Driver.


* Exactly same size as Raspberry Pi (85 x 56mm)
* Directly installed into the GPIO header pins with no wiring or
* 6-23V input to 5V, 3A high-efficiency step-down DC/DC converter to
supply your RPI
* Supports HDMI to VGA (NOT powered by the RPI's HDMI port)
* Supports self-powered USB hub (Total 4 ports available)
* Supports self-powered SD and Micro-SD card reader
* RTC based on NXP PCF2127AT / PCF2129AT with CR2032 backup battery
* RS232 Serial Port
* Having the reset switch convenient to enable RPi reset facility
* Having two slots to make use of RPi's FPC connector (S1 ">POWER

X100 supplies the RPi with a regulated +5V through the GPIO header
using a 5A poly-resettable (PTC) fuse. With the wide voltage input
range, the RPi can be powered from a wide variety of external sources
such as batteries, 12V power adapters, solar battery sources, etc.
Additional +5V power outputs are also available at the pins of the JST
servo ports connectors.

Warning: do not connect a +5V supply through the Raspberry Pi
micro-USB connector when used with X100.


See description on [1]
Any HDMI to VGA adapter without external PSU might work for a time,
but then burn out D1, therefore Do not use HDMI converters powered by
the HDMI port! The solution is to either only use externally powered

X100 doesn't use power from RPi HDMI port and has many features that
enable it to perform in a superior manner. Among those features you
will find:

* Easy to Use: No need of cable and setting
* Conversion: It can convert complete HDMI into VGA video.
* Supports 165MHz/1.65Gbps per channel (6.75Gbps all channel)
bandwidth for HDMI Input.
* Supports Analogue Video output up to UXGA and 1080p with 10-bit


The RS232 port is connected to the UART port on the Raspberry Pi using
a MAX3232 interface. The MAX3232 IC converts the 3.3V UART port to
RS232 voltages allowing communication with RS232 compatible devices
over a DB9 serial cable or with the use of a null-modem cable the
board allows terminal access with linux on the Raspberry Pi using a
terminal application. The RS232 port can be accessed through the DB9


Designed to be used in Raspbian and It is a highly accurate real-time
clock which connects via the GPIO port on a Raspberry Pi. It uses the
GND, SDA and SCL pins.

It utilises the highly accurate NXP PCF2127AT / PCF2129AT chip and

* Very accurate timekeeping (typically 3ppm or



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Suptronics X100 RPI Expansion Board V1.2 Suptronics X100 RPI Expansion Board V1.2