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  • IB-AC527 (USB 2.0)
  • IB-AC527 (USB 2.0)
  • IB-AC527 (USB 2.0)
CHF 19.–
ICY BOX IB-AC527 (USB 2.0)

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2 ratings on ICY BOX IB-AC527 (USB 2.0)

User bill.zannoni
IB-AC527 (USB 2.0)

Easy and compact

I just needed to connect my headset to my desktop PC, which is under the desk, and the cable is very short.
With this compact sound card, I can just use a USB extension (or the screen plugs in my case) and I'm ready for conference calls.
The quality is probably not sure, but I needed it just for voice calls.
I tried it only with my Linux (Ubuntu) OS, but it worked right away. I guess it's the same for Win or Mac.


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