• DisplayPort - DisplayPort 4K (2m, Display Port)
  • DisplayPort - DisplayPort 4K (2m, Display Port)
  • DisplayPort - DisplayPort 4K (2m, Display Port)
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Roline DisplayPort - DisplayPort 4K (2m, Display Port)

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User RyuRazor

Does it work well on 1440p 144hz monitors?

2 answers
User John Doe
Accepted answer

After reading the comments of the users before, i would pass this one and check for another cable, to get the whole 144Hz @ 1440p!

Lindy DisplayPort (2m, Midrange)

Here i see a review from another user, where he says, that he was successfully tested it also with 1440p / 144Hz.
I would go for this one.

User Anonymous

Funktioniert das Kabel mit 4K 60Hz?
Die Bewertungen sind Wiedersprüchlich.

2 answers
User justlohmi
Accepted answer

ja, bei meinem Dell 27" 4K hats funktioniert

User YvenKiser

Funktioniert dieses Kabel mit einem 1920x1080 240Hz Monitor?

This question was asked about another variant: DisplayPort - DisplayPort 4K (5m, Display Port)

1 answer
User swisslycos
Accepted answer

Ja das sollte funktionieren es geht ja auch für 4K